Playing With Chrome

Which is to say I’ve downloaded the new Google browser and have been playing with it today.

Early thoughts: Meh. It’s okay so far. It doesn’t compel me to switch my default browser from Firefox, but it’s not bad. I’ll play with it some more and let you know what I think.


Suddenly It All Makes Sense

I think I’ve figured it out. The vetting process for Sarah Palin as McCain’s VP makes sense if:

Every single person on McCain’s vetting committee is a sleeper cell Democrat.



Attention Authors: More Big Ideas Needed

Fellow authors (and related editors, publishers, and publicists), if you’ve been asking yourself, “Hey, how do I promote this book I will soon have in the stores, to up to 40,000 unique readers daily, all of whom have some interest in the written word?” I may have a solution for you. As you know, I run a feature here called “The Big Idea,” in which authors talk about the big idea behind their latest works, and playing with those ideas affected the writing of the book. Here are some recent examples of the feature. And it’s open to writers of all genres of fiction and non-fiction, because variety is good.

How do you get in on the action?

1. Have a book (not self-published or vanity press; small press is fine) being published, oh, let’s say, between now and the end of 2008 (I’ll begin scheduling for 2009 later this year, probably early December).

2. Send me an e-mail about the book, letting me know who you are, what the book’s about, and the week it’s schedule to be published (editors/publicists, let me know who the author is, etc). Do me a favor and put the words “Big Idea Proposal” somewhere. You may also send along a copy of the book, if you like (I do like seeing the books in question).

3. I’ll check my schedule and see what’s available (I usually try to do a “Big Idea” once or occasionally twice a week, usually on Tuesday and Thursdays). When at all possible I like to run Big Idea pieces on or near the book’s release date. If there’s something available, I’ll let you know.

4. The author then goes off and writes the Big Idea piece (here’s a primer on how to write one — I suggest checking it out) and then sends it in, at least a week before his/her scheduled appearance.

5. It goes up and we all bask in its awesomeness, and rush out to buy the book.

It’s just that simple!

As noted before, at the moment I’m only interested in books coming out through the end of 2008, and only in books that are not self- or vanity-published. Also, if you’re a fan of a writer (but not associated with him/her in any professional capacity), please don’t write me to suggest I solicit a Big Idea from your favorite author. However, you may certainly point your favorite author in the direction of this post, and suggest they try to get on the schedule.

Any questions? Leave them in the comment thread (however, send queries about appearing in the Big Idea series to e-mail, not to the comment thread). Thanks!


In A World Without The Guy Who Says “In a World”

Don LaFontaine died yesterday. You’ll miss his voice, even if you didn’t really know who he was:


Whateveresque Registration Open, 9/2/08

If you’ve been pining for the opportunity to join Whateveresque, the Whatever reader forum, de-pine yourself this very moment, because from now until 10pm this evening, you can register! Go now! Fulfill your destiny! And, also, write some posts and chat with other Whatever readers without waiting for me to set the topic and so on.

Reminder to everyone to try not to look like a spambot when you register. Here’s how to do that.


Attention Fans of Patrick Rothfuss

Tobias Buckell has The Best Picture of Pat EVAR™ (and a contest to go with it). If you don’t click through right now, you will regret it all your days. I’m totally serious, folks.


Whatever X, Day II

What follows is proof Athena’s always been a primary component of Whatever:

AUGUST 4, 2000: The Unbearable Cuteness of Being Athena

This week’s entry into the insufferable “My Spawn Is Way Better Than Your Spawn” contest I currently have going on against every other parent on the entire planet:

Hey, Athena! Where’s your head? 

Now, where’s your elbow? 

How about your belly button? 

Can you show us your ear? 

What about your cute little nose? 

Finally, show us your toesies! 

I know, I know. And if it were anyone else’s child, I’d be retching, too. But I’ve said this before: Anything your kid does is normal human development. Anything my kid does is proof of supernatural intelligence. No offense to your totally normal in every way child. I’m sure that when both our children grow up, my child will undoubtedly provide your child with a cushy and not too terribly difficult job somewhere in her vast commercial and political empire. Cause she’s just giving that way.

If you think this is vomit-inducingly precious, you should see the videotape we made of her last night getting all excited about the Powerpuff Girls show coming on the TV. Lethally adorable, I tell you. You could just die.

All this cuteness is making me woozy. I better go lie down.

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