In A World Without The Guy Who Says “In a World”

Don LaFontaine died yesterday. You’ll miss his voice, even if you didn’t really know who he was:

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  1. There goes Pablo Francisco’s career.

    Condolences to Don’s family and friends, and to the large community of movie trailer fans who always enjoyed hearing his voiceover work. I’m glad he got some recognition for his talents before he died.

  2. I remember when Don did ‘Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me’ for NPR. He didn’t get all 3 questions right, so the listener he played for didn’t win the prize. Don was upset, and offered to buy a prize for the listener. When it heard it was Carl Castle’s voice on the person’s answering machine, he immediately replied “Oh, I can do *THAT*!” (which was very nice of him, and I’m sure was much appreciated by the listener)

    His voice was all over that episode. He had a great sense of humor about himself, and his ‘fame’, too.


  3. That’s the ‘In a world’ guy for me. He’s done a zillion trailers too, and his voice is a little deeper.

    That, and the trailer for Comedian is just hilarious on it’s own.

  4. Damn and blast. Trailers just won’t be the same.

    In everything I’ve seen him in, he seemed like such a warm, genuine bloke.

    *raises glass* “In a world without Don Lafontaine, things just seem to lack gravitas”.

  5. Talk about having a golden voice, we won’t see his like again. R.I.P.

    And here’s proof that Don had a sense of humor, as did his peers (especially the Disney guy). The legendary Five Guys in a Limo:

  6. Damn. In my daydreams of seeing me (a) start (b) finish (c) sell and (d) have a movie made of my great American science fiction novel, he was always the guy to do the trailer voiceover.

  7. He’s one of the people that inspired me to consider voice work as a career. I also realized that I was completely unqualified/unskilled/ungifted but still thinks it’s fascinating work.

    Thanks for the memories and the smiles – the WWDTM episode was a classic.

  8. What an amazingly charming man. Thank you very much for posting the video — I’ve passed it on to my colleagues who teach broadcasting.

  9. He was a man. He was a man with a Big voice and a bald head. Touching countless lives with the sound of Deep emotion. Little did he know that soon he’d be dead…………or would He?

    I thought I noticed new voices on previews lately.

  10. Just learned of another one that really hurts: Bill Melendez, gone at 91, who fought CBS to do A Charlie Brown Christmas without a laugh track, with real kids’ voices, with a jazz score and a scripture reading — you know, “wrong,” and touched how many people over at least five generations. So far.

    He was also the voice of Snoopy.

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