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Spotted in various places on the Internet, in response to Governor Palin’s “community organizer” jab at Obama: “Jesus was a community organizer. Pontius Pilate was a governor.” And oddly enough, Palin’s GOP role is to try to do to Obama what Pontius Pilate did to Jesus. Mind you, look how that eventually turned out for […]

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The Big Idea: Julie Czerneda

How do a graduate student’s observations of fish in a laboratory wind up fueling not one but two science fiction series? Well, first, it helps to have that graduate student be Julie Czerneda, who would become the Prix Aurora-winning author of In the Company of Others (also a Nebula Award nominee), and whose latest novel, […]

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Bacon Beans: More Detail

People are curious about the bacon-flavored jelly beans that made an appearance in this entry (they’re actually interested in the whole described event, actually, but I think some things are more amusing left unexplained), so here they are, naturally posed with Ghlaghghee, i.e., Bacon Cat, who as before looks somewhat less than impressed with the […]

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Whatever X, Day IV

I’m happy to say that up to this point, the concern in this following archived entry has not been realized. JULY 15, 2003: Strippers With Swords All right, I’m officially a science fiction writer (I’ve got the SFWA membership to prove it) so let me just say this: Please God, never let me have a […]

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