Daily Archives: September 5, 2008

Mind the Foamyness

Just a reminder to folks: Just because we’re at an interesting point in the political cycle for both sides is not an excuse for you folks to start losing your shit at each other in the comment threads. If I wanted to watch people lose their shit in comment threads, I could go to Little […]

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Whatever X, Day V

Rather than post a previous entry today, I thought I would do a little fan service for the cat crowd and take you back to 2003, and the first appearances of one of The Intarweeb’s most famous felines. Yes, people, it’s time for: Ghlaghghee, The Early Years The very first picture of Ghlaghghee, taken the […]

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The Thing About “Rock Stars”

For all the Republicans who are exulting that there’s now a “rock star” on the GOP ticket (and all the Democrats who are freaking out about it), there is one minor detail that’s worth considering in the days and months ahead. And that is that the “rock star” on the Democratic ticket is actually the […]

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