Note on “Big Idea” Proposals

For everyone who sent something in: Got ’em, looking at ’em, be in touch with you soon about ’em. Thanks! Also, if you’re an author/editor/publicist with a new book, it’s not too late to get in on the action.

3 Comments on “Note on “Big Idea” Proposals”

  1. I went back to read your original call for submissions, because it’s looking more and more like I’ll be doing a technical book (for 2009 release, obviously) that would probably garner interest from a sizable fraction of your readers. I could be wrong, too. Wrong or not, it got me to thinking…

    You allow non-fiction, but don’t really say what topics you’re interested in. Is it a benevolent dictator thing? If so that’s great, but… I wonder.

  2. Off-topic, but the Guardian reviewed “Last Colony”

    “In this final book of a trilogy, John Perry and Jane Sagan, after serving their time as soldiers with the Colonial Defense Forces, are dragged out of retirement to run the newly founded colony of Roanoke. There hostile native aliens known as werewolves are the least of their problems; the pan-alien Conclave has forbidden human colonisation, and Perry finds himself mired in a political wrangle as the fate of the planet hangs in the balance. What follows is a fast-paced political thriller laced with observant characterisation, great dialogue, and some genuinely original science.”

    Congratulations, John, although you’re probably used to this by now :)_

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