Whatever X, Day V

Rather than post a previous entry today, I thought I would do a little fan service for the cat crowd and take you back to 2003, and the first appearances of one of The Intarweeb’s most famous felines. Yes, people, it’s time for:

Ghlaghghee, The Early Years

The very first picture of Ghlaghghee, taken the day she arrived, May 27, 2003.

Ghlaghghee immediately made herself useful by troubleshooting a balky USB connection…

… and by keeping the rebellious boots in line.

And here she is, copyediting some text.

Ghlaghghee admiring some ScalziProduct™, in this case one of my “I Hate Your Politics” mugs.

And here she is, attempting to consume my big toe. She was not successful.

Ghlaghghee looking pensive, and perhaps wondering how she would be affected by the vicissitudes of life, particularly as they relate to the confluence of her and breakfast meats.

Being the subject of all these pictures has plumb tuckered her out. It’s time for a nap.

And there you have it. Kittens galore.

51 Comments on “Whatever X, Day V”

  1. Adorable. Her eyes didn’t look blue, did they get moreso as she grew up or is it just a fluke in the photos?

  2. Totally precious. Why, in that last picture Ghlaghghee looks barely bigger than a strip of bacon herself. Adorable.

  3. I predict … an effusive Chang post incoming.

    On a related note, I’m sure it’s been covered at some point in the last 5 years, but I couldn’t find it …

    Just exactly HOW is that cat’s name supposed to be pronounced?

  4. Just my .02 – Kittens eyes (just like humans) start out blue, then convert to whatever color a little later on. At least that’s my experience from the orphaned kitten that I found last year (literally just a few hours old when Mom abandoned them outside of a building at work)

    – Jeff

  5. Now Chang’s devotion is far more clear. I’ve been wondering how to join up since I saw those pictures.

  6. Ah yes, thanks for the kitten fix. My four feline herd have all turned to old heat and food magnets…

  7. O Supremely Great Scalzi,

    *Entire The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club Asplodes*

    The Executive Committee, bearing in mind your notorious deficiencies, has narrowly defeated a motion by the membership to award you a Perpetual Seal of Approval Award.

    This effort has been rewarded by a no-confidence campaign by the unruly members – however, with the Grace of Magnificent She and the Power of Her Radiant Shimmering Perfection, we believe we will prevail.

    We know that this disruptive act was deliberate, but we forgive you. For now.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  8. She was like a little tribble! I’m glad she never ate the tampered grain from the storage compartment.

  9. Seconded, Aelf’en. I needed an extra dose of kittens today so badly. Thanks for this. /relurk

  10. Ah, those days before Coke Zero had been introduced and you had to get by with Vanilla Coke.

    You tell the kids today and they just don’t understand how hard life was five years ago.

  11. She was an absolutely adorable kitten. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still a beautiful cat, but long hair on kittens looks so extra ghlaghghee that it becomes obvious how she got her name.

  12. That first shot is in the running for the cutest cat picture ever. In light of this, I may have to reconsider my entire platform on the subject of cats, which simply states that they’re not all that, but just okay. Clearly, the future meat-wearer was always “all that” after all.

  13. I squeed. Out loud. That doesn’t happen often. I see that long before the Bacon Cat days, Ghlaghghee was a force to be reckoned with.

  14. Do it again! I want to see the fan club asplode again!
    Yes, kittens rock but not in my house. I am content to admire from afar and in small doses in other people’s houses as I’m allergic.

  15. Electric Landlady 31: I didn’t get it until today either. I was trying to pronounce the ‘gh’ as a velar fricative as in ‘Afghanistan’.

    Like Ghlaghghee herself attempting to NOM John’s toe, I was not successful.

    Speaking of which.

  16. O Great Scalzi, you will no doubt be pleased to learn that the Executive Committee of The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club has succeeded in surviving a series of no-confidence motions and has put down – quite firmly – the incipient rebellion among the less informed members.

    All it took was a little education. Once the disgruntled members became fully informed as to your various deficiences and lack of proper deference to Magnificent She, the motion to award you a Perpetual Seal Of Approval Award died a well-deserved death.

    Nevertheless, this superb series of pictures of the Supremely Most Perfect Beauteous Ghlaghghee deserves a reward:

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club Seal of Approval Award
    valid from 15 Sep 2008 to 30 Sep 2008

    Note the extension of your previous Seal of Approval Award. Don’t get used to it.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  17. How am I supposed to get any homework done if you keep posting this stuff?

    Since my brain has exploded from the cuteness, my paper will have to wait until tomorrow. Thanks a lot, John.

  18. Yeah kittens. Much better than lying weasels saying what ever their handlers think will get them the most votes.

  19. Oh my, look at that sweet baby face! She is so beautiful.

    She looks very much like my kitty boy.

  20. yes, cuteness explodes from my computer. My cat is a sedate 13 years old but still battles with the aluminum foil ball on a daily basis.
    The fan club was right to limit the seal of approval to 15 days but you definitely pushed the committee’s buttons didncha.

    On another note, since I read the “I hate your politics” post just today linked from the other post, I didn’t know there were coffee cups with this polemic on politics painted on them.

    how can I haz one?

  21. Thanks Xopher!

    I am on the hunt for the cup and will use it for coffee while I haz bacon for breakfest. 8 D

  22. They are outsourcing copyediting to cats now?

    Truly, truly I am DOOOOOMED. (Alternatively, I could look at the bright side and invest in a chocolate-point Balinese to handle my freelance work.)

    She looks all enthused about it, too. So young…

    (Is she a Himalayan?)

  23. Cute cat. But you owe me a keyboard. I tried to say the name out loud, and I’m still cleaning out phlegm and spittle from my keyboard, and my wife thinks I’m trying to learn Gaelic (which is also dangerous to keyboards..and anyone standing close to those speaking Gaelic).