Daily Archives: September 12, 2008

Introducing The Canonical Bacon Page

Well, I’ve gone and done it: After two years of receiving countless e-mailed links related to bacon, each of these e-mail beginning with the line “I realize you’ve probably been sent this a thousand times already, but –” I’ve decided the time was right to offer a space here on Whatever devoted entirely to reader-submitted […]

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This Week’s List of Links That Don’t Need to Be Sent to Me Anymore

In no particular order: 1. Robert Heinlein’s form for fan mail 2. Bacon vodka 3. Bacon bourbon 4. Bacon candies of any sort 5. Anything detailing how Sarah Palin is crazy/unprepared/ignorant/going to be the death of us all 6. Anything detailing how John McCain is old/unprepared/a lying scumbag who will say anything to be president […]

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