Introducing The Canonical Bacon Page

Well, I’ve gone and done it: After two years of receiving countless e-mailed links related to bacon, each of these e-mail beginning with the line “I realize you’ve probably been sent this a thousand times already, but –” I’ve decided the time was right to offer a space here on Whatever devoted entirely to reader-submitted links about bacon, so people can not only share their bacon-related Internet discoveries with me, but with every single person who visits whatever. Thus, it gives me great pride to introduce to you:

The Canonical Bacon Page.

It’s baconlicious!

There’s just one thing: Right now, The Canonical Bacon Page is completely devoid of bacon-related links! That’s because I am relying on you, good citizens of Whatever, to fill its comment thread with bacony goodness. If you’ve ever sent me a bacon-related link of any sort or type — or was planning too — now you can offer it up to the whole Internet. And isn’t that better? I think so, too.

So head over to the Canonical Bacon Page and start offering up your bacon-based online treasures. But make sure to read the entire intro before you post, since I do have a couple of requests regarding posting. I thank you in advance for your cooperation.

(Also, to avoid any confusion as to where to place bacon-links, I’ve closed comments on this particular entry, the better to have you put the links on the actual Canonical Bacon Page.)

Now, go ahead: Get your bacon on, my friends.