Of Slightly Lesser Import

Today is also the second anniversary of the Bacon Cat incident. To mark the occasion, I arranged for a special reunion:

Let’s just say it was not as harmonious a reunion as one might have hoped. Oh well. Maybe next year.

10 Comments on “Of Slightly Lesser Import”

  1. Just hanging out waiting for the official judgment of the Ghlaghghlee fan club on this latest development.

  2. My cats, once having identified that odd plastic-wrapped substance, would probably tear into that package as quickly as possible.

  3. I think the fan club is glad they didn’t award you a Perpetual Seal of Approval, as the photo does not truly embrace her shimmering radiance etc etc etc

  4. O Great Scalzi, this is an excellent picture of Her Shimmering Perfect Radiant Glory. Well done.

    However, we have a few pertinent constructive criticisms:

    1. While this aspect of Her is superb, we would prefer a more frontal view. The typical low-brow and uncultured reader of the Whatever deserves – for maximum benefit – to see the Beauteous Ghlaghghee more directly.

    2. Your offering to Her lacks class. We suggest something more enjoyable to Magnificent She, perhaps a freshly killed and dissected rabbit. Or finally bringing home a Hugo for Best Novel, so that She is properly rewarded for all Her Hard Work poured so deeply into one so undeserving as you.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  5. Perhaps Ghlaghghee, like myself, needs some new glasses, and read the package label as “Crunchy Cat Bacon.”

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