I’m doing some backend stuff to try to deal with some of the slowness I’ve been noticing on the site. This may result in some short-term wonkiness with the site. If that happens to you, don’t panic. It’s not you, it’s me.

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  1. Hadn’t noticed slowness as much as the random occasional server error when trying to pull up individual blog posts. The RSS feed would generally pull up fine, and would have the full post content, but trying to directly access the site made things all kersplodey.

  2. Yeah, server errors are the major problem at the moment. I’m trying to figure out whether it’s me or if it’s my host provider. I do know it’s happening with greater frequency particularly in the last couple of weeks, which does not inspire confidence. Fortunately I did just back up my database.

  3. 500 errors are because your sql server can’t keep up with the traffic / wordpress, and these are the errors that I’m (personally) getting on Whatever. I’m finding that my own sites are having trouble with wordpress’s shoddy sql when they get spikes. I’ve tried a few different caching systems, but none of them work as well as I would like. Mind you, I’m only getting around 2 million page hits a day, which I would imagine is significantly lower then your own site.

    if you happen to find something that prints out the individual pages to html, I’d love to hear about it. Also, I’d love to hear an after action report on your activities tonight in dealing with these problems, either in a dedicated post or just a response in these comments.

    Also: I would love for you to add a method of receiving notifications of new comments on Whatever after I leave mine. I personally use Subscribe to comments, but I’m sure there others out there.

  4. tiki god:

    The site is using wp-cache, which should be handling most of the load issues, and which in fact has handled them before. So that’s not the problem.

  5. Or, you could go back in time and re-edit your books so that they stink and you don’t gain teeming masses of fans.
    That should clear up some bandwidth

  6. It’s not you, it’s me

    Yeah, I know. My network connection just flickered in and out – quit monkeying around with stuff, you’re screwing up the internet

  7. 8. # Chris – Its a secret denial of service attack from the Night Ranger Legion.

    I *KNEW* it! They won’t leave the Journey fans alone!!!

    Curse them! They know theirs is the inferior music – that’s why they attack!!!

  8. Ah, good for me it’s you, not so good for you it’s you.

    Thought it was my provider’s latest round of free “improvements” to my DSL service.

    Good luck with the fix.

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