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I’ve made it to Martha’s Vineyard to start teaching at Viable Paradise. It seems lovely; the cell phone reception sucks. Don’t expect to see too much of me this week. Rumor is, however, that the Internet is vast and that you’ll have many things to amuse yourself with.

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  1. I have two books that I haven’t started reading yet. One is an old one by Harry Turtledove, The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump, and the other is something called Zoe’s Tale by a relative newcomer. I’m sure one or both of them can keep me busy.

  2. Holy crap! Martha’s Vineyard?! You watch your ass, man — there’s Great White sharks that feed around Martha’s Vineyard and they target landlubbers new to island life. Your only hope will be to find yourself a charismatic marine biologist and hook up with a cranky old salt who mumbles in an incoherent vernacular. No, don’t ask how I know; time is of the essence. Just make sure you hire a big enough boat. If we don’t hear from you by October, we’ll call the Coast Guard.

  3. The internet is vast – huh! A lie spread in the early years to sucker more people into paying for internet service. The internet consists of precisely fifty web-sites.

  4. That rumour is unfounded. The internet is, like, three blogs and Google. And porn, if you turn the filters off.

  5. Been spendin’ most our lives
    Looking for viable paradise
    Wrote stories once or twice
    Looking for viable paradise

    //Wait, that was Weird Al

  6. Darn! Just left there on the 21st. I would have tracked you down. In a totally un-stalkerish way.

    Helpful hint: it is cheaper to go to one of the fish markets (The Net Result in Vineyard Haven is very good) and buy fresh lobster EVERY day than it is to go out for dinner.

  7. I was just playing tourist in Martha’s Vineyard last Friday. Mostly we sampled the beer at Offshore Ales in Oak Bluffs. They were worth sampling.

  8. I am so jealous. Not only that you’re there and I’m not, but that you’re there now and weren’t in 2006, when I attended VP. On the other hand, you might have ripped my submission into even tinier shreds than it actually got ripped into. Who knows?

    I hope you’re enjoying the week, and that you get to see some jellyfish.

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