Daily Archives: September 22, 2008

YA For Obama

My pal and fellow author Maureen Johnson has started YA for Obama, which features YA authors talking about why politics matters to them, and encouraging their target audience to get involved and active, even if they are not quite old enough to vote. With a title like “YA for Obama” it’s pretty clear what side […]

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Whatever X, Day XXII

Because I think it’s fun to inflict my musical stylings upon you! Again! JULY 26, 2005: Saturn Speaks John Scalzi again. No, I’m not back yet. I still have a week left on my hiatus. However, I wanted to drop a musical composition I did on y’all. The Cassini mission has recorded radio frequencies from […]

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Happy Birthday Heather

It’s my big sister’s birthday today, so: Happy birthday Heather! As your gift, I’m officially forgiving you for trying to stave in my head with a 7-iron when I was eight years old, sending me to the hospital to get seven stitches to my head, right next to my eye (for those of you following […]

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