Happy Birthday Heather

It’s my big sister’s birthday today, so: Happy birthday Heather! As your gift, I’m officially forgiving you for trying to stave in my head with a 7-iron when I was eight years old, sending me to the hospital to get seven stitches to my head, right next to my eye (for those of you following along at home, it really was an accident. Heather hardly ever tried to murder me in an obvious fashion).

But wait, there’s more! Since after coming home from the hospital I deprived you of the ability to watch Paul McCartney: Rockshow because I wanted to watch Space Cruiser Yamato, and mom let me because, after all, I had suffered major blunt force trauma to the head that day, allow me now to rectify that situation right now for you:

That Paul McCartney. He was a cute one, he was. Anyway, happy birthday, Heather, and many more.

Update: Also happy birthday to Elizabeth Bear, my Viable Paradise roommate, who is in fact sitting on the couch next to me as I type this (but not looking at my screen, so she doesn’t know I’m writing this). Give yourself an eBear birthday gift and go out and purchase one of her many fine novels.

14 Comments on “Happy Birthday Heather”

  1. Happy birthday to Heather and the marvelous Elizabeth Bear!

    And happy birthday to Bilbo and Frodo Baggins.

    And happy birthday to me.

  2. Happy birthday, Heather and Elizabeth!

    So wait . . . Space Cruiser Yamato? Do you mean Star Blazers, or did you Ohioans have some kinda crazy secret access to the Japanese version?

    I was totally ignorant of the existence of Rockshow until this moment, perhaps because I have no sister… was it being shown on TV or was she forced to stay home instead of going out to the movies?

  3. Happy Birthday to Heather and E. Bear and the tricksy hobbitses and to my superlative-in-every-way wife, the beautiful Mrs. Hentosz!

  4. And a happy birthday to my great-grandmother.

    She would have been 129 if she was still alive. My memories of her consist of a nice old lady who always gave me and my brother gumdrops when we went to visit her. (I was five when I had my last gumdrop-visit with her)

  5. There are a few other birthdays today. There’s Frodo and Bilbo Baggins, and, er, me.

    Happy Fall Equinox, everyone.

  6. Happy birthday, Heather and Elizabeth!

    I popped over to Amazon and placed an order for Hell and Earth, and Ink and Steel, and will celebrate your birthdays accordingly when the books arrive, with a nice big mug of coffee and time alone to read. Heck, my own birthday is less than a month away, so I’ll have ample reason to buy even more books soon.

  7. Happy birthday to Heather, Elizabeth Bear, Anonymous, Skip, The Bagginses, and… me!

    I hope everyone else’s day has been lovely, because my 40th has been kinda bleh. (feeling under the weather, we’ve re-scheduled festivities)

  8. Awwwww thanks so much baby brother!!!!! I just got to a computer today & am so happy to see your birthday wishes. I had a great day, it was my 12th annual 29th birthday & I had way too much fun!!!!

    Love you much …PEACE