Whatever X, Day XXVIII

Today is a travel day, as I wing my way back to my family after more than a week apart from them; as you can imagine I’m looking forward to seeing them soon — and there won’t be much posted today. In lieu of me, and as an indication of how much I’m looking forward to seeing the family, today’s repeat from the archives is a guest spot, from Athena, from about fifteen months ago. It’s short and sweet.

MAY 23, 2007: And Now, Poetry Corner With Athena

By Athena Scalzi

In the night sky I see a bright light
It is right in my eyesight
It’s right in my mind.
The gods are so kind to let me see this sight.

I wish I could buy it but I know that I can’t
I can try to fly to get a closer look at it
But the thing is
I’m only flying away in my imagination.

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