Scalzi & Buckell Together Again, 10/2 in Columbus, OH

For those of you who live in or near Columbus, Ohio and would rather drag a rake across your eyeballs than suffer through the Vice-Presidential debates, allow me to offer you an alternate plan for your evening: Come see me and Toby Buckell do our nutty wacky science fiction author thing at The Ohio State University Bookstore (aka Barnes & Noble #218, 1958 North High Street) at 7pm, October 2nd! It will be more fun than watching Sarah Palin mangle sentence structure and/or stare at Joe Biden’s doll hair. This much I can just about guarantee.

So come on down — we’re looking forward to seeing you there.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

12 replies on “Scalzi & Buckell Together Again, 10/2 in Columbus, OH”

I’m taking a half-day from work and making a road trip, so if you need anything from here in the Canton area – you know, steel bearings, superbly hackable electronic voting machines, tasteful Pro Football Hall of Fame collectors’ spoons or shot glasses – let me know.

As much as I want to get my books signed, 6 hours one way is a little much on a Thursday. I will now attempt to use my mand control to get you to come to Rochester, NY……. Did it work?

On a side note, there is a new Barnes & noble at RIT that would be a good spot.


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