Daily Archives: October 1, 2008

Small Language Gripe

I’m opposed to calling bribes to recalcitrant legislators “sweeteners.” High fructose corn syrup is a “sweetener.” The Senate lardering up a novel’s worth of incentives to get the House to change its mind on a bill it bounced just days before is a goddamn bribe. Please let’s all just call it what it is. Thank […]

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AOL Journals, 2003 – 2008

America Online has decided to pull the plug on AOL Journals, the blogging initiative I was a principal of for four and a half years, effective at the end of this month, and some of the folks who had journals there (or still do, for the next month) have asked me if I have any […]

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Two Charitable Things

Two people I know are pimping charities recently, so here’s a shoutout to them: 1. My pal Chad Orzel is trying to raise $6K for DonorsChoose, an educational charity, and he’s willing to dance like a monkey for your pleasure in exchange for your cash. Go here for all the details. 2. Mary Robinette Kowal […]

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Hosting & Tech Geekery

I’m going to talk technical neepery here, so if that doesn’t interest you, you’ll probably just want to wait for the next entry. So, yesterday marked a year of using WordPress, and generally speaking it’s been a pretty positive experience. The last month I’ve been encountering problems with internal server errors, but I have a […]

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Xkcd Gets it Right Again: The Fiction Rule of Thumb

I post this partly to ward off having it sent to me a thousand times, but also to acknowledge its general truth. That said, Anathem wrecks this curve pretty handily. But note well, newbie authors: You are not Neal Stephenson. Hell, sometimes Neal Stephenson is barely Neal Stephenson, if you know what I mean.

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Whateveresque Registration Day, 10/1/08

If you’ve had a hankerin’ to register for Whateveresque, the Whatever reader forum, today’s the day: Registration is open until 10pm. Remember that you’ll be approved faster if I don’t think you’re a spambot; here’s how to avoid looking like one of those. And be sure to introduce yourself to others in the “All About […]

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