Bowing to Popular Demand

Here’s the damn cat. I hope you’re happy.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but she did not miss you as much as you missed her. She was off doing, you know, cat stuff. Keeps her busy, it does.

41 Comments on “Bowing to Popular Demand”

  1. Poor Ghlaghghee! It can’t be easy to have a cult of people following you. “Life of Brian” springs to mind. At least they are only following her on the internet…

  2. Chang, who is not Chang, will undoubtedly be pleased, or at least slightly mollified. But will Chang, who is Chang, also be pleased?

  3. Only one pic? Come on, if you’re gonna toss your toys out of the pram, then filling the front Whatever page with every single image of Ghaghghee ever taken would get the diatribe across far better.

    Or, again, this might be why I got chucked out of the Windhover society.

  4. I’m surprised they haven’t started clamouring for bacon as well.

    And tape.

    You realise you got my kids eyeing our feline overlords – fortunately I managed to hide the tape whilst they raided the fridge.

    (Actually I think Poppy would happily eat the bacon – she’ll eat anything else that’s going).

  5. So, where is Kodi during all this? I loves the dog, i does.

    From afar. I don’t want to get eaten.

  6. She has that “here comes the damn camera again” look that is becoming very familiar to me in photographing my dogs. Fortunately, she mostly handles her fame quite well.

  7. I love the “…canary? What canary? If you check again, I think you’ll find that you don’t own a canary” look on her face.

  8. Are any of your cats outside cats? If so, have you heard of the Cat Camera? It’s a small digital camera that you attach to your cat’s collar. The camera takes a picture once every 60 seconds.

    The person who came up with the idea has a site here:

    The site has quite a few pictures taken by cat-collar-cameras.

  9. Heavens–I hadn’t realized that Ghlaghghlee is so Zoe-like–dealing with the adoration of multitudes when she’d really rather be off doing Ghlaghghlee (Zoe) stuff.


  10. O Great Scalzi, what a superb picture of Her Glorious Shimmering Radiance, even if She is slightly over-exposed – or is that due, once again, to your failure to account for Her Perfect Glowing Essence disturbing your camera’s exposure meter?

    The Executive Committee of The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club has conducted a thorough investigation and we have concluded there might be just a slight and uncalled for touch of snark in your textual update. Just slight, barely noticeable, but definitely there.

    So we regret to announce that we are unable to present you with another Seal of Approval Award at this time. Certainly more submissions today and tomorrow will significantly boost your chances of obtaining this prestigious award.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

    PS – Our devotion to Our Most Perfect Lady depends solely on Her, not on any bizarre and irrelevant allegations you might claim regarding Her stance toward Her devoted and obsessed followers. We suggest you spend more time worrying about what She thinks of you – and tremble in fear as you contemplate your numerous deficiencies.

  11. Rodney G. Graves@9, you ask a very important and pertinent question, one we of the Executive Committee of The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club have spent much time pondering.

    Our best explanation is that She permits this because fingerpainting and shaking rattles can only go on for so long. In the long and painful course of improving Scalzi, She has promoted him to big-boy pants, and the Whatever is the result.

    We do not question Her Judgment.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  12. I think I’m the only one who misread this as Bowling Due to Popular Demand. Time for another field trip. I can see it now: Scalzi goes bowling, but with only 5 pins.

  13. @11, 14, etc: Yeah, the expression on her face is really striking. Quite out of the ordinary. At first glance I thought it was a picture of Scalzi in costume as Old Deuteronomy for the Viable Paradise production of Cats.

  14. Rodney G. Graves @ 9 and
    Alternative Eric S. @ 18

    Know you not that to cats all posts are for scratching?

  15. Hmm John can be pressured. This opens up some possibilities….

    Dammit NOW!


    Cumon people pressure him for me.

    (I thought of going for Money but figured Krissy has better ability to pressure him on that point..)

  16. That is a near-intolerably smug expression.

    I will not view it near my own cats. They would be inspired and would start using it at me.

  17. Yes, Brian C@25, you are the only one. Unfortunately, you are also representative of the increasing coarsened and uncultured Whatever reader.

    We can only speculate that this degradation has been brought about by a criminal increase in irrelevant and disinteresting clutter by Scalzi at the expense of posts relating to Magnificent She.

    Indeed, we of the Executive Committee have wondered how we might ban Scalzi himself from the Whatever, but have come to no good method as of yet.

    However, Brian C, we have no such issue with you. Leave. Your contributions are both idiotic, unsophisticated, uncultured and insensitive, and are therefore not worthy. You have wasted enough of our lives with your drivel.

    Leave, and never come back.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  18. Now, now, Chang not Chang. I think Ghlaghghee would counsel tolerance, because, as we all know, vengeance is Hers.

  19. Chang/not Chang,

    Your suggestion has been reviewed and declined.

    But it’s still creepy….

  20. Brian, of course it’s creepy. It is Chang, after all. He actively works for that sort of feeling.

  21. Yep Ghlaghghee is looking unusually happy for a cat. It almost looks like she is smiling!

  22. Chang, the real one.
    I am Chang and I approve of this picture of Arglebargle.

    But is it Arglebargle IV….or someone else?

  23. I think it is creepy.

    That’s why I can’t wait to hear from the The Executive Committee of The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club .

    I like being creeped.

  24. Haple @40> I think you will find that cats are *very pointy*, especially when Displeased.