Minor Correction re: Tonight’s Columbus Appearance

The address of the bookstore Toby and I will be at this evening at 7pm in Columbus, Ohio is 1598 North High Street, Columbus, OH, not 1958 N. High Street. Please make a note of it, since I don’t want you angry at me if you can’t find it. I want you angry at Toby. Yes, it’s all his fault. Kill him and not me!

(Note: Please don’t actually kill Toby.)

Here’s a Google Maps link to the location. Oh, Google, is there nothing your technological tentacles can’t find their way into? Apparently not.

14 Comments on “Minor Correction re: Tonight’s Columbus Appearance”

  1. Three miles. Maybe I’ll walk.

    Out-of-towners, just head northwest out of downtown until you smell Coach Tressel’s aftershave, then look for the B&N sign on the right side of the street. If you see panhandlers outside the Newport Music Hall, you went too far.

  2. Please don’t mention technological tentacles, I had a bad experience at Junior Mad Scientist Summer Camp when I was 14.

  3. Regrettably I am much too far from Ohio to attend. Now, if you ever find yourself in Northern British Columbia it’s a done deal. On the other hand at least you don’t have to worry about any nitpicker-driven homicidal tendencies I may have been unaware of up until now…

  4. I am a mere 642 miles. I think Scalzi is afraid of the Hudson River, he never comes this far east.


    I have a class at 6:30 about 300 feet from there! Thats the barns and Nobles right next to panera bread, gamestop, and the drexel movie theater at the gateway. I hope i can get out of class early.

  6. The Newport is still there? Last time I was on High Street So Much on the South End had changed I didn’t even recognize it. My 16-Year-old daughter thought I waas making up all the stories.

    Is Larry’s still there? That was My great uncle’s hangout in the forties. When I went to school it was a grad student place that they all told undergraduates was a gay bar so they could drink in piece.

  7. Just got home from the Scalzi appearance. Things went well and he made the mandatory mention of Bacon Cat.

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