Bacon Cat Lives On

At this moment, the “bacon cat” picture is #4 on the “What’s Hot” list on I suspect it’s because of this blog post on last night’s debate, over at NRO, in which bacon cat was mentioned. Bacon cat is everywhere. All hail bacon cat. I will never escape bacon cat.

The funny thing is, this might not be Ghlaghghee’s biggest media moment this week. More to come on that later, however.

It’s an Uncanny Likeness

My author copies of Hate Mail have arrived, and I have to say the cover photo pretty much gets it:

I mean, yes, I’m wearing a little more hair than I was in the cover photo. But otherwise: Spot on, man. It’s always nice when a photo captures your true likeness, you know?

In any event, rumor is these things are moving at a pretty brisk clip, so if you want one, best to hie yourself to the SubPress site, or Amazon. Amazon’s cheaper, but the SubPress order will get you a chapbook. Your call.

Your VP Debate Thread

No, I didn’t watch the debate: I was busy talking with Toby Buckell in front of a bunch of people in Columbus. But if the post-debate analysis consensus is to be believed, neither candidate embarrassed themself, and Biden came out on top, because he apparently knows things, as opposed to knowing talking points helpfully provided on index cards. This outcome, if accurate, does not surprise me much. And this is all I know of the debate at this moment.

However, I would not deny any of you the joy of discussing the debate here, if such would be your wont. So here you go: Add your thoughts, analysis, commentary and so on. Play nice with the other children; do not make me come and take away your toys.