Daily Archives: October 3, 2008

Bacon Cat Lives On

At this moment, the “bacon cat” picture is #4 on the “What’s Hot” list on Reddit.com. I suspect it’s because of this blog post on last night’s debate, over at NRO, in which bacon cat was mentioned. Bacon cat is everywhere. All hail bacon cat. I will never escape bacon cat. The funny thing is, […]

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It’s an Uncanny Likeness

My author copies of Hate Mail have arrived, and I have to say the cover photo pretty much gets it: I mean, yes, I’m wearing a little more hair than I was in the cover photo. But otherwise: Spot on, man. It’s always nice when a photo captures your true likeness, you know? In any […]

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Your VP Debate Thread

No, I didn’t watch the debate: I was busy talking with Toby Buckell in front of a bunch of people in Columbus. But if the post-debate analysis consensus is to be believed, neither candidate embarrassed themself, and Biden came out on top, because he apparently knows things, as opposed to knowing talking points helpfully provided […]

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