Bacon Cat Lives On

At this moment, the “bacon cat” picture is #4 on the “What’s Hot” list on I suspect it’s because of this blog post on last night’s debate, over at NRO, in which bacon cat was mentioned. Bacon cat is everywhere. All hail bacon cat. I will never escape bacon cat.

The funny thing is, this might not be Ghlaghghee’s biggest media moment this week. More to come on that later, however.

40 Comments on “Bacon Cat Lives On”

  1. Don’t you think a “Bacon Cat,” that is a cat made out of bacon, would be more interesting than a cat with bacon affixed to it?

    The internet has no sense in any case.

    just saying,


  2. … and if you could deep-fry it, you could sell it at the State Fair of Texas! nomnomnomnom

  3. Like you said in that “demotivator” poster, no matter what else you do, taping bacon to a cat will always be your most famous feat.

  4. The amazing thing is the cat isn’t attempting to eat the bacon. I’m positive both of my cats would give small thought before consuming this unexpected taped bounty.

  5. So the key to fame isn’t writing good books, but taping bacon to a cat.

    I don’t have a cat, but what about duct taping a Bratwurst to a Jack Russell?

  6. This “might not be [her] biggest media moment this week,” eh? You don’t suppose Her Shimmering Radiance is in a family way, now do you? Nah…

    (OK, pro’lly not as she’s been shown outside cat and John seems to be the responsible type in that regard, but it’s a fun thought nonetheless.)


  7. But what does Joe Sixpack think about a picture of a cat with a piece of bacon taped to it? “No, sir. I don’t like it.”

    (And why would you tape a piece of bacon to a picture of a cat?)

  8. Hey, all I know was, it made a cute insider joke in The Last Colony.

    “I’m saying you might as well have taped bacon to your head and walked into a tiger pit!”

  9. Well that’s ballsed up my plan to drop cat-related comments to see if John would have another “here’s the damn cat and I hope you choke on it” moments.

    Back to the drawing board…

  10. O Beating A Dead Horse And Pandering For Hits Scalzi, we thank you for this picture of Magnificent She, even if it is a picture with an inane prop and a repeat to boot.

    If this is your attempt to garner another Seal of Approval Award, it is not going to work. However, your teaser comment regarding Her filled us with anticipation. Our deflation occurred very soon afterwards once we fully contemplated your deficiencies and lack of – well, everything. You have been such a disappointment to us and of course to Her.

    How do you sleep at night?

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

    PS – An action video of the Beauteous Ghlaghghee would go far to improve your poor standing with the membership. Since you have a very short attention span, we remind you that you have done this before and posted it on your old AOL blog. It was outstanding, except for actually having you in the video.

  11. The end is near. I am agreeing with Chang and his virtual fan club.

    You really should re-do the bacon taping stunt, but this time capture the event on video. Then even more fun, capture the removal of bacon and tape from cat’s fur. And no fair running the first one backward to simulate the second.

    You could put them on youtube, and make a whole new reputation for yourself.

  12. I second the motion for a moving picture of said cat. And I also agree that scalzi should not be in the picture and James Earl Jones should voice over any Scalzi words that might be heard.

  13. I strikes me that now the biography of Dewey Readmore Books has become a best seller that perhaps Msr Scalzi has negotiated a book contract for the adventures of she who must appear with bacon.

    Just a thought.

  14. How does it feel to know that you will never escape the aura of anything bacon related?

    To know that anytime a fan of yours sees something with bacon in it, they are going to email you and show you?

    Or has the ‘Cat Empire’ triumphed by training us humans to think of them anytime we see bacon?

  15. For those of you who will be at LosCon over Thanksgiving (where our Host will be GoH, yippee!) …

    I’ve had some ribbons made up that say
    Scalzi — Bacon — Cats

    I’ll be helping out in Registration if anyone wants one to stick on their badge :-)

  16. I’ve just finished Zöe’s War. again. Stop buggering about with the cat and write another bloody book already!

    (Take that, tide! I’ll swim agin’ ya!)

  17. I sincerely hope Ghlaghghee has a good agent, what with all these modelling appearances and repeat fees she’s accumulating.

    I suspect a re-negotiation of contract is imminent.

  18. I was over at another, completely different genre author’s (Felicia Sullivan, if it matters) website earlier and she had the link to your baconcat image up in her twitter feed. The Internet interconnects in very odd ways.

  19. O Chang who is not Chang could you please email me? I need your help with something. Please.
    I can be reached at ninaca76 a t y a h o o d o t c o m
    Sorry John, I did try through Whateveresque but never got a response.

  20. I just wish the link had appeared in a less idiotic and counter-reality entry. Ah, well! It’s quite possible that Joe Sixpack doesn’t comprehend the intricate subtleties of attaching bacon to cats.

  21. Personally, I have found that while cats love bacon, they do not respond very well to tape stuck on their fur.
    How did Ghlaghghee *feel* about the removal?

  22. It didn’t bother her at all. It was Scotch tape, and adhered to her hair only lightly.

  23. No offense meant, John Scalzi dude, but I wish you wouldn’t tape uncooked bacon to a cat. Cooked bacon, yes, even if only cooked lightly to the minimum 160 degrees Fahrenheit for safety (and cooled after, naturally).

    Now, of course, I will have to get a bacon cheeseburger later today at Wendy’s.

  24. [Deleted because not only are multiple (now deleted) posts spelling “Horrible” one letter at a time really lame, but dude, you misspelled the word. You are clearly ALL WIN. Loser — JS]

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