It’s an Uncanny Likeness

My author copies of Hate Mail have arrived, and I have to say the cover photo pretty much gets it:

I mean, yes, I’m wearing a little more hair than I was in the cover photo. But otherwise: Spot on, man. It’s always nice when a photo captures your true likeness, you know?

In any event, rumor is these things are moving at a pretty brisk clip, so if you want one, best to hie yourself to the SubPress site, or Amazon. Amazon’s cheaper, but the SubPress order will get you a chapbook. Your call.

19 Comments on “It’s an Uncanny Likeness”

  1. Jamie, you can special order it from B&N if you like. I’m quite sure they (and any bookstore you might come across) would be happy to put in that order for you.

  2. How often do people tell you that this picture really captures your true inner self? Seems like an unavoidable snark, really.

  3. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

    I can imagine the local townsfolk showing up at the Scalzi compound with pitchforks and torches.

  4. I pre-ordered my copy. Should I have received it by now? Should I be making this entry an email to Sub Press?

  5. BeVibe @7: I also pre-ordered, and it arrived today (Yay!). I would guess you’ll get yours today or tomorrow, assuming you ordered directly from Subterranean. :)

    The chapbook is a nice touch. The title, “Waiting for Athena” seems especially appropriate, since every time I hit the Whatever bookmark, I see a message in the corner of Firefox saying “Waiting for…”

  6. Jamie @3: I work at B&N, and yes we would be happy to order it for you, though I doubt many of our stores will be modeled to carry it. However I myself ordered it from sub press. Also, I too will miss bookstores when they go the way of the Dodo. I will miss having a job too.

  7. Oh dear. Someone gave you some water, didn’t they? And then you transformed. I think with a few more months of training, you might be able to quit your day job and become a photoshopper full-time. Makes me wonder about the bacon cat.

  8. Mine came yesterday, can’t wait to read it (or “reread”, more accurately, since I’ve already seen quite a bit of it here). My ten year old son was confused about the cover photo, so I explained the whole “photoshop” thing….

  9. Just got mine — yay!

    [And thanks to Subterranean for doing the “wrap the inner book-y parts in plastic” thing; it’s been raining here, and I have yet to figure out how to convince my postal folks to not leave things on my doorstep in inclement weather.]

  10. John – My copy arrived Saturday, where it sat due to children’s birthday parties, boy scout outings and block parties. However, I intend to gobble it up today. Thanks!!

  11. Like Jeff, that photo has always disturbed me. Totally not kidding. I don’t know why, but I can’t bear to look at it. Maybe it’s the eyes? Or the teeth? There is something about it that I find genuinely frightening.

    Telling myself it’s ‘shopped doesn’t help. Thinking rational thoughts doesn’t work. I feel like I’m back to being four years old and thinking that pictures in books will come to life.

    If this book becomes available on Audible, I would buy it. But I honestly couldn’t stand to have a book with that photo on the cover in my house.

  12. Yes, I could remove the dust jacket, but that would involve touching the dust jacket.

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