Here’s Emmylou to Keep You Company

Have to write two articles, a column and finish a short story today, so guess what? No playtime for me until later this evening. But, look, I’ve left you Emmylou Harris, who sings better than I do. And is generally more awesome. It’s a fair trade. See you all later.

11 Comments on “Here’s Emmylou to Keep You Company”

  1. Since you have lots to do today, I’ll expect to see many posts. That is, IF you fit your regular pattern.

  2. Wrecking Ball is a really superb album.
    Daniel Lanois’s excellent producing (and playing) are extremely evident – you can easily hear the difference between any other (great) Emmylou album thats not produced by Lanois and this one that is.
    Also, every artist that she covers on this album is great.
    thanks for sharing the video.

  3. Every year I beg legislators to pass the Emmylou Harris Act, which requires every album to include at least one song on which Emmylou sings harmony. So far I’m frustrated.

  4. It must be the names, because I keep getting Emmylou Harris (the singer) confused with the mid-1980s olympic gymnast (Mary Lou Retton? or something like that.)

  5. I am and have been in love with Emmylou Harris for years. And, at 64, that’s probably longer tan many of you have been alive.

    Oh unrequited love, singing like a nightingale…..

    Rick York

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