Today’s Least Expected Amazon Categorization

Here it is. Note the category this book is #1 in:

I can has clear? No! No, you can’t has clear! Not yours! You has too many ngrmz! kthxbye.

Man, that’s just weird. I can’t help but think it’s somehow related to this.

12 Comments on “Today’s Least Expected Amazon Categorization”

  1. Expect a DMC takedown notice on Amazon soon from Scientology lawyers.. Anything associated with them received a takedown notice.

  2. Well, that knocks my “strangest amazon glitch” out of the running.
    (Caliphate by Tom Kratman was listed under “Miles Vorkosigan Adventures” back last May.)

  3. Captain Button, next time please put a disclaimer before naming that author’s name. Unfortunately I’ve read his “Tranzis essay” and now he gives me the creeps and makes me sick at the same time.

  4. I bought my brother-in-law a bunch of Trucker-Country albums last year for Christmas and my Amazon recommendations ain’t been right since.

  5. I can sail LOLCruise?

    My favorite Tom Cruise quote about Scientology is on the back of that tell-all book that came out this year. He basically says that if you see an accident on the side of the road you are obligated to stop and help, because as a Scientologist you are the only one who can.

  6. @#7 Try letting your mom order cookbooks and your brother order car-repair books on your account. FIVE YEARS LATER, I’m still getting recommendations for them. *Aneurysm*

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