A Shoutout to My Dayton Area Peeps: Come See Justine!

Hey, you crazy Dayton-area folks: If you’re not doing anything tonight around 7pm, why not come to Books & Co in the Greene, and see my most excellent pal Justine Larbalestier read and talk about her new book, How to Ditch Your Fairy? It’s a YA book so your teens will be interested, but I’ll note that personally I found the book lots of fun, and I’m hardly what you could call a teen anymore. And Justine’s always a hoot. This is her first time in the Dayton area, and I think it would be grand if we could give her a good turnout. So come on down, bring the kids, and I’ll see you there.

3 Comments on “A Shoutout to My Dayton Area Peeps: Come See Justine!”

  1. I don’t live in the Dayton area, but as a related note:

    Thank you, John for shouting out Justine Larbalestier and other authors on your site. Because of your recommendations, I’ve read and enjoyed a bunch of books now that I otherwise wouldn’t have known existed.

    So thanks again. I’ll keep my eye out for Justine’s work when I’m in the bookstore.

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