Hey, You Can Comment Again

Yes, The Switch has happened. It should be largely unnoticable, give or take a broken link or two, which we’ll deal with when we find them. I’ll have more to say about it later. But in the meantime: Look! You can comment again! Use your power responsibly.

39 Comments on “Hey, You Can Comment Again”

  1. *blinks* wow, so this is what the other side looks like. I thought there would at least be spotlights… an all-harp orchestra… a can-can dancer or two…

  2. It may just be because it is currently late at night, but when I clicked on the link to come to the comments section, it appeared immediately. In recent times there has often been a delay of several seconds before the comments section appeared. There is a very noticeable difference in performance at this time.

    However, the button below this dialog box to allow a preview of one’s deathless prose before it is submitted seems to be missing. I would not expect that to be related to the server change. Did you install a version change of WordPress at the same time?

    With best wishes,
    – Tom –

  3. -et-:

    When the folks at WordPress ported over the site, they also stripped out the widgets that are not compatible with their site, for various reasons. The “preview” widget was apparently one of them. I’ll look around later to see if there’s a similar approved widget.

  4. AGH! Ickfeckshite. John, can you use your ScalzSkillz(tm) to get the frak rid of the SnapShots auto-link-preview hideousness that blights this page? It offers no useful information, whilst sprawling all over that which we’re trying to read.

    It is hateful, and smells of wee.

  5. Oooh, a shiny new share button… now I can spread the wonderfulness of Whatever with my family without the long process of copy-pasting to Facebook… I think.

  6. Glad the change over went well, I would hate to not be able to get on one of the few interesting sites work hasn’t banned.

  7. Well, I’m sceptic and I hold fingers crossed. But new functionality and speed of transition are impressive.

  8. I’ll have to agree with MarkHB about the irritation factor of the SnapShots link preview thingy.

  9. Did you call out : “It’s alive, IT’S ALLLLIIIIVVVVEE!!!”

    You did didn’t you? common, admit it…. ;)

  10. It’s… it’s… FAST!

    One minor nitpick: whatever.scalzi.com has the default WordPress favicon instead of the old scalzi.com/whatever icon.

  11. As a side effect, I can now see how many comments you have on the LJ RSS feed. That didn’t show up before on that feed.

  12. jemaleddin:

    Eh. The page rank will come back eventually. And most of the permalinks will still work. And ultimately, I’m more concerned about people being able to access the site.

  13. I’ve been trying to decide where to share this little tidbit of information, but since you say to comment here, responsibly, here goes nothing:

    Pornography and science fiction are similar is some very interesting ways!

    (This is from an essay by Susan Sontag written in 1967 called “The Pornographic Imagination.” Had to read it for “Banned Books and Novel Ideas” English class. There was also at least one unfortunate incident of the author using “science fiction” and “fantasy” interchangeably, but I chalk that up to her idea of fantasy being “That which is not real.” Also, the essay expounds on the previous paragraph, which made me happy, because the first mention was a parenthetical and I thought it would be the last mention of it.)

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