Your Weekend Art Installation

It’s here. You will be moved. Be sure to read the captions. They will pierce your very soul. You may need the whole weekend to contemplate. Take it. It will be worth it.

27 Comments on “Your Weekend Art Installation”

  1. Alas, I am not an infinite dispensary of cash. The D70s works perfectly so I will continue to use it until it doesn’t. And on a day to day basis it works well for me.

  2. Just think how much easier that would have been with an assistant to toss the pumpkins. And maybe photoshop some ads onto them.

    OK, I’ll shut up.

  3. The beauty and profundity of your words and images give me hope that humanity is not, in fact, doomed. I must now take your advice and enter into a contemplative, yet oddly amused, meditation in order to better internalize your message.


  4. Pumpkins from space?

    Man… And to think, I have to go out shopping for mine. I suppose yours come all precarved with the seeds cooked already, right?

    Life in the ghetto sucks…

  5. The orange is blue.

    The blue is violet.

    The pumpkins are bacon!

    Like a banner, the bacon flutters.

  6. How long had you been without sleep when you wrote the “poetry?” Not criticizing, just asking.

  7. How long had you been without sleep when you wrote the “poetry?” Not asking, just criticizing.

    (hee hee)

  8. Now if you lived a little further south, you’d have the after pic of the pumpkin making ‘splodey.

  9. Deep and profound. You have achieved a level of deepiness
    and profoundiosity I have not seen since my Philosophy major days. That was the last time I smoked a whole lid of Panama Red.

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