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With the invaluable assistance of Ryan Boren and the folks at WordPress, I am tickled pink to be able to announce that the full archives of my Whatever Movable Type install, going back to March, 2002, have now been imported and are fully readable and searchable. The only things missing are the only things that weren’t in the MT install to begin with: entries prior to 3/02, and the entries of July/August 2007, which were under a different MT install entirely (i.e., the one that didn’t work (through the fault of my host provider, not MT) and prompted my switch to WordPress in the first place). I’ll bring those entries in, uh, eventually.

This install brings the site up to 3,900 entries and 111,000 comments total. Which is, you know. A lot of words.

Note that in the short run, old links to MT-era pages will still go to those pages. As time goes by, however, I’ll start redirecting most of the frequently visited pages to the new install. I’ve already done that for “Being Poor,” which was good timing because apparently it’s been linked to quite a lot in the last couple of days. More will follow in the next couple of months, so that by the end of the year I’ll have most of the popular pieces fully redirected. Go me!

Anyway, enjoy the archives.

15 Comments on “Archives Imported”

  1. so…..when do we start to see nifty adverts that I can click on to fund Athena’s post secondary education and your hosting costs?

    I think it’s sad that I’m actually interested in seeing adverts somewhere…sad and masochistic really.

  2. **note that I don’t want to see them, but I’m interested in seeing them, and have nothing against them. If you can do this whole thing sans adverts, well, go you.

  3. Yeah, yesterday was Blog Action Day, and the theme was poverty. I can see why Being Poor might’ve gotten some airtime…

  4. Dude. Seriously.

    I can sympathize. I have several email files from different email programs I’ve used throughout the past 15 years that I have only managed to partially integrate into a cohesive whole. I still don’t have that pre-1998 stuff in, but I’ll get it done – eventually. :)

    Congrats on the accomplishments, though. Do you have a way of doing a word-count on all your articles to see how many novels worth of Whatevers you’ve written?

  5. Woot! Congratulations!

    I can only surmise it feels euphoric, sorta like enjoying the feeling you get when you finally save up enough money to fix that dent in the family car which happened one fun filled night involving angry ninja giraffes, a case of double bubble and a rubber chicken!

    Or like, you could just feel good, the way boring, normal people do. :)

  6. So…is WordPress doing something strange with the HTML — or is it just the layout + FireFox? I’m using FF 3.0.3 on Windows XP and when I use my mouse scroll wheel or the up/down arrows, the Whatever pages do a very strange jiggly rewrite as it scrolls. (It looks like a Terry Gilliam movie where the some big fractally-complex object assembles itself on one edge and disassembles on the other, as the object trundles across the face of the world.)

    Maybe it’s the three-column format I get on FF (IE gives me two columns and it seems fine scrolling-wise). Or maybe it’s a bizarre FF thing. But scrolling through the Whatever is nearly migraine-inducing.

    Your mileage, of course, will almost certainly vary….

  7. “Hate Mail” arrived from Subterranean yesterday. Yippee. They certainly package it well for their international customers. Bubble wrapped in a box filled with that foam popcorn stuff. Amazon’s packaging has slipped a fair bit over the last few years so it is cool that a publisher puts a little extra effort into the packaging.

  8. Awesome! I had forgotten all about Football with Jesus.

    Man, those archives could be a huge time sink. Now that you’ve got them up, I’ll have to assiduously ignore them. But thanks anyway! ;-)

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