Ghlaghghee Tires of the Fame

As you can see, Ghlaghghee is less than entirely impressed that she was within the hour the subject of discussion on nationwide radio (that nation being Canada). It’s all become so tiresome to her. Yes, she is famous, and what of it? What has fame ever done for her? Seriously, what has fame ever done for her? It’s not like she accrues any benefit from having been in the New York Times, or on CBC radio. She’s a cat. It’s not like when she goes outside and disembowels a shrew, the shrew thinks, well, at least I got eaten by someone famous. Really, it’s a whole different world down on that level.

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  1. I have a similarly fluffy cat who ended up going under the razor this summer. She’s old and arthritic and was having a hard time keeping herself groomed and still has the claws and attitude to prevent me from doing it for her, so off to the vet she went for a buzz cut.

    You’ve never seen anything as pathetic in your life for the first few days; it wasn’t just the buzz cut itself but also the way she just stood there and shivered while staring at you with sad, sad eyes… I made a point of petting her as much as possible — even rubbing against the buzz (which she decided she *really* liked) — while telling her how pretty I still thought she was and in about 3 days she was convinced that she was all that and a bag of chips. Turns out just about anyone can pull off a buzz cut — all it takes is the belief that you can…

  2. Possible title for Ghlaghghee’s memoir:

    The taming* of the shrew
    (Subtitled: And other non-benefits of celebrity-hood in a celebrity-obsessed culture.)

    * – disemboweling would be the original word here, but it would get shot down by the publisher.

  3. Yeah, but what if the shrew was impressed, as was all of shrewdom? Perhaps Ghlaghghee is so exhausted because all of the old, infirm or suicidal shrews flock to the Scalzi Compound to have The Famous Cat Of Scalzi disembowel them? Did you ever think of that?

    Nooo, it’s all “doesn’t care” and “different level” with you. Honestly.

  4. O Great Scalzi, what a superb picture of the Beauteous Ghlaghghee in Repose. You have truly outdone yourself this time. Outstanding.

    Except for the nonsensical textual update which contains virtually nothing of value at all. Really, maybe you should just stick to posting pictures? Leave the commentary to the experts of the Executive Committee of The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club.

    Because only the Executive Committee scanned your worthless dribblings, and the entire membership looked at the wonderful picture of Her Most Glorious Shimmering Radiant Perfection, we are pleased to put away the pending Seal of Disapproval Award, and present you with

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club Seal of Approval Award
    valid from 16 Oct 2008 to 31 Oct 2008

    Well done, mostly.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  5. The cat whose picture is on Pounce cat treats is my friends’ cat, but, as she says, he’s not famous because he remains nameless to all but a few. Still, she’s a proud stage mom. Glaghghee on the other hand, is a bonafide famous cat because everyone knows her name, even if they can’t figure out how to pronouce it.

  6. I have found that cats NEVER, EVER share their royalties..I suspect a Swiss bank account that they access for catnip and kitty treats…

  7. @ chang, who is not chang:

    It was actually when Scalzi told me about your posts that he snapped this picture. Really, I was thinking “oh, holy hell in a handbasket, not that ‘not chang’ guy again.” Dude, get a life. I command it. If you worship me, you have to do what I say, right?

    Seriously, you freak me the hell out.

    And, no, I don’t speak like one of those fucking lolcats. Offer me a “cheezburger?” Piss off. I’ll “om nom nom” on your fucking HEART before I degrade myself that way. (You want comedy, get Lopsided over here. All the brains of a grasshopper’s ass, that one’s got.)

  8. Oh, I’m plenty princessy, don’t get me wrong. Just don’t get me mad. I figure that if telling a strange creature who worships you from afar to back off and give you some space works in your book, it’ll work on the internet too.

    Besides, you like assertive, strong-willed females, Scalzi. I know that much.

  9. Oh my god *adoooooorable*. You just want to bury your face in her tummy. And then somehow avoid the subsequent inevitable mauling.

    … is Ghlaghghee named after the Ghlagh in the OMW universe, or are the Ghlagh named after Ghlaghghee? Because I read /Zoe’s Tale/ today and had to suppress the image of Lernrin Il as a fuzzy kitty cat.

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