Chad Orzel Monkey Dance Update, 10/17

Since we’ve gotten involved in Chad Orzel’s charity drive for DonorsChoose, which helps fund educational projects for needy kids, the amount of money raised has gone from $1,700 to just under $4,200. $2,500 raised is not bad for just under two days work. So thank you.

But that means we’re still $1,800 short of the ultimate goal of $6,000 — and the unspeakable pleasure of watching Chad dance like a monkey, as he has promised to do — as well as record it and post it online — if his goal is reached. Folks, if we can help pour in $2.5k in two days, surely the paltry sum remaining is doable. Even just a couple of dollars will get us closer to the singular thrill of watching a professional scientist ape (ha!) his lesser primate brethren’s rhythmic movements. And if that’s not entertainment, I don’t want to know what entertainment is.

Also, thanks to the particular charity in question, you’ll be helping kids learn about science by funding materials for their school projects. And remember the kid you help learn about science today could become the doctor who saves your sick ass 25 years from now, or the physicist who finally gives up tabletop fusion fueled by kitchen scraps, or the engineer who makes you an even cooler iPhone. Think of it as an investment in your future.

So here’s the link to Chad’s charity page. Look through the proposed science projects and help fund the ones you like. The contribution will accrue to Chad’s credit, and we will all come closer to that glorious day of Monkey Dancination.

And now, to tide you over until that great day: More monkey dancing!

We can assume that Chad’s dance will be both longer, and somewhat more, er, mobile. Here’s Chad’s own latest update on the fund drive, incidentally.

10 Comments on “Chad Orzel Monkey Dance Update, 10/17”

  1. I hope that we get to see this.

    However, I resent that you refer to non-human primates as ‘lesser’. To your eyes, perhaps. To me and my fellows, chimps are the pinnacle of evolution.

    I’ve been following your blog with interest ever since that tourist dropped her laptop into the chimp cage in the Toronto Zoo. Good thing we get WiFi here.

  2. John,

    I have to say that “the kid you help learn about science today could become the doctor who saves your sick ass 25 years from now” is the best reply I’ve yet heard to all the people who whine, “My kids aren’t in public school, why should I have to pay property taxes to support it?” I mean, you can talk about societal benefit and such all you want, but as usual, you have distilled it down to the essence.

    I may quote you.

    With proper attribution, of course.

  3. We chimps are “greater” in terms of strength and agility. Also in our ability to get termites out of a mound using only a stick.

    Yummy termites.

  4. I once got in trouble in graduate school when I called yeast “lower eukaryotes” in front of a yeast researcher. She gave me a stern look and said “We prefer the term ‘smaller eukaryotes.'” I never made that mistake again.

    I believe chimps would prefer the term “hairier primates,” but it isn’t really precise. Take a look at Dan Hedya fr-ex.

  5. The notable part is not a physicist dancing. Cause Chad’s long been surpassed on that front (example). The notable part involves the nexus of dancing and blogging and nerd famous.

  6. Wow, I’m so inspired that I just gave $10. And I don’t have kids. Or live in the States. Damn you Scalzi, you pushed all my buttons again! (But damn you in a, you know, a good way.)

  7. In case it hadn’t been noticed: $6K duly reached.

    Monkey dance en route ;-).

    {And a bunch of kids helped, too. Ten karma points to Chad and John.}

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