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Metatropolis Review at Tor.com + Metatropolis Site

Notable SF editor and writer John Joseph Adams takes a listen to Metatropolis and says some very nice things about it at Tor.com: METAtropolis is one of the best anthologies I’ve read in a long time. The worldbuilding was fantastic… all of stories all examine the ecology and economics of the future, which seems eerily […]

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Putting LosCon on Your Radar

Just a reminder to various and sundry that I am going to be the Guest of Honor at this year’s LosCon, the Los Angeles regional science fiction convention, which takes place November 28 – 30, which is the weekend following Thanksgiving. I am hugely honored and excited, because as you all know I grew up […]

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Metatropolis Interview

I’m interviewed over at SciFi.com on the subject of Metatropolis, and talk a little about how it all came together and how today’s reality influenced the fiction the five of us put together. It’ll be the best interview about Metatropolis given by me you’ll read today!

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The Big Idea: Phil Plait

The End of the World As We Know It: It’s coming! With big sharp nasty teeth! It’ll do you a treat, mate! Well yes, you say, but which end of the world? Because there are so many on the way — including some that are based on actual science, which is to say, they could […]

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They’re Not Mad, Just Misunderstood. Also, Mad

Over at AMC, I’m interviewing a mad scientist, who is outraged — outraged — by the insensitive portrayals of his ilk in film. It makes him so mad, he might have to unleash his laser-equipped robot hordes! And, well. Wouldn’t you? If you were a mad scientist, that is. Which you’re not. Hopefully. As ever, […]

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