Restoring Your Faith in Humanity, Or the Portion of It Populated By Dogs

Hero dog risks life to save kittens from fire.

And what have you done today to justify your existence on the planet? Hmmmm?

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  1. I fixed a whoopee cushion for a five year old. Perhaps not in the same class, but I think that gives me a reason to exist for the rest of the day.

  2. It doesn’t sound like he SAVED them as much as went back so they wouldn’t die alone, since apparently they were still in the house.

    Not that that diminishes the selflessness, mind you.

  3. Nothing yet, but it *is* sandwich ministry day. Taking PBJ sandwiches, bananas and water to the homeless in the downtown and midtown parks near my church.

  4. Felt both joy and shame as a major UK newspaper carried some of my work.

    A pub quiz DVD for the Mail on Sunday. So yes, millions of people playing with my work. However… Mail On Sunday.

  5. I voted against Obama so that our country doesn’t end up in a Marxist cess-pool that has never been or ever will be successful.

  6. I thought reading this blog was a great way to justify my existence. Are you saying I must now rethink my life?


  7. No more than ten minutes ago, I prevented a likely significant shock to my (dumb) kitten by stopping her from chewing on the laptop power cord.

    Whoever said cats have nine lives severely underestimated the fatalities they narrowly avoid on a daily basis.

  8. @#16: That’s why they need nine lives =)

    Ummm, I babysat last night (into this morning) for a couple who hasn’t had a night alone in three years? That’s gotta count for something :-)

  9. #7 totally wins.

    I wallowed in totally unjustifiable cat-waxing by cleaning the baseboards in kitchen and bathroom. Gross, but still a time suck.

  10. Having just had an afternoon out surrounded by dogs (and a surprising number of pups) I am glad that you are adding force to the idea that dogs are people too.

  11. It’s probably because of my tiny, pinched heart and dessicated soul, but I can’t help thinking “Dog Too Dumb To Run Out Of Burning Building” might have been an equally valid headline for this story.

  12. Donated some change to the Bridge School, founded by Pegi Young and Jim Forderer, who continue to do excellent work in special education. A not-incidental side effect is the Bridge School Benefit concert series organized by Neil Young, which continue to bring the best music to the Bay area. Thank you, Neil and Pegi, for another awesome show.

    Other than that — nothing. *checks pockets for oxygen money*

    Me hat’s orff to Leo, even if I do suspect that he’s not quite what he seems.
    A dog named Leo?
    Hey, that dog looks like a cat! (go see Cal)

  13. I knocked on doors and talked people into going out and voting so that our country doesn’t end up in a totalitarian, poverty-stricken cess-pool that has never been and never will be successful.

  14. I went shopping for Halloween candy and then sat down and consumed ALL of them to save the children from bad teeth and upset stomachs. They owe me big time.

  15. Yesterday, I finished knitting a wash cloth that is ultimately going to a women’s shelter to be given to a woman at that shelter. I know that wasn’t today, but I’m hoping the karma carries over a little bit.

  16. I wept when I saw that video, the doggie had given the kittens enough time to be rescued and THEN was able to be resuscitated. And THEN wanted to see his kitties.

    And they looked good, cats are far more susceptible to smoke and heat than dogs or humans. That they were climbing and active and fairly good is a good thing.

    When they showed the dog his kitties, it DID look like he was counting to make sure they were all there.

  17. I left my wife in Ann Arbor to teach the next generation about the last generation, while I sacrifice warm and love and comfort, to maintain our abode of life against a viciously uncaring world.

    And I hugged my cats for not being out of sorts too much with me for leaving them alone with a sitter for a week.

  18. I chaperoned a high school marching band in the town’s annual Halloween parade. Full of little kids dressed up like puppy dogs and puppy dogs dressed up like little kids.

  19. I went looking through my apartment for my signed copy of Old Man’s War. If I can’t find it soon, I may have to buy another.

  20. My existence, being an established fact, requires no justification. I am an axiom.

  21. I talked people into going in a totalitarian, poverty-stricken cess-pool so that I could go and vote. And then I breathed plants like the axiomatic baseboard cleaner that I am.

    Go me!


    That is all.

  23. I work at Seattle Childrens Hospital and while it may or may not justify my existence, it does satisfy my need to help others.
    That being said, when something is done that’s extra, that counts more in my book.

    P.S. Watercolor @7 My daughter also had IH but recovered after being treated with a drug called Diamox and an excercise program. From all indications she’s fine now but we all watch it like a hawk.

    Vaya con Dios

  24. And what have you done today to justify your existence on the planet?

    Oh, you know. By existing made it possible for all kinds of other animals to not only survive well past their natural evolutionary arc, but to thrive well beyond your wildest imaginings. And we know cats and dogs imagine, at least a little.

    I’m looking at you select members of the even-toed ungulate family, various furry mammals and certain pretty and/or tasty avians.

    It’s not much, I’ll grant you, as I didn’t have to try all that hard. But in the aggregate humans have made this a pretty spiffy place for /some/ animals, at least.

  25. I helped Comcast find several of the many flaws in their new SmartZone webmailer by spending several hours on after-release beta testing and pointing them out in detail to their phone support.

  26. I ate a Snickers bar I really didn’t need to eat so that another human wouldn’t be tempted. ‘Cause I’m just selfless like that.

    (Kudos to those of you who actually have done something noteworthy to make this world a better place. Y’all rock.)

  27. @43 Carol Elaine

    I don’t know about anyone else but I appreciate your sacrifice. Being as how those things are going to be the death of me. Snickers #1 Milky way #2 100 grand bars #3

    Do I have a chocolate monkey on my back or what 8D

  28. I made my daughter breakfast.

    Oh, more?

    Every year since 2002, I’ve averaged 200 hours/year of administrative services at our local volunteer fire department.

    For which, I get nothing, other than the occasional reminder that “you’re not a real man, because if you were a real man, you’d be a firefighter too!”

    When it comes to dogs, we’re on our fourth rescue dog. First one lived 11 years after rescue, second one is 15 years after rescue (and still going), third one was 15 years after rescue (died in 2007) and the fourth has been with us since May (and despite eating a rare book I owned, is still living…)

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