Vote! For, Uh, B-Movies

A couple of weeks ago on the AMC site, I asked people to nominate some of their favorite science fiction b-movies for an SF B-Movie Hall of Fame. I got over 100 comments, and from those comments I’ve selected 10 finalists. Now it’s your turn to vote which two of the finalists go on to the Hall of Fame. Go to the link, read up on the nominees, and then click on the “Vote in Poll” button at the end — AMC has set up a really ginchy poll thing where you can drag and drop any or all of the films into a ranking list.

Remember, your vote counts — there will be no poll challenges in this vote. So go over, find out about the films, and vote! It will change science fiction B-Movie history as we know it, I promise you. And as always, if you’ve got comments to make, make ’em over on the AMC site. Comments are their joy.

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