Mary Robinette Kowal, Columnist

This year’s Campbell Award Winner Mary Robinette Kowal, seen here dressed as Agent Scully for Halloween, has a new gig: She’s a columnist at AMC, where she’s writing about fantasy and movies. AMC, as you no doubt know, is the same place that hired me to write about science fiction and movies, so I’m delighted that Mary is writing a complementary column in the genre.

Mary’s first column is up, and it’s on The Top Five Fantasy Films to Relieve Stress:

Election Fatigue: The Sword in the Stone (1963): Tired of the endless election coverage, the attack ads, and the debates? The Sword in the Stone settles the whole question of succession by, well, sticking a sword in a stone. You don’t have to listen to pundits making predictions about who is likely to pull the sword out. Instead, enjoy Merlin the Magician as he helps young Wart grow into King Arthur. Wouldn’t it be nice if all rulers came with a magical adviser of unquestionable wisdom?

I bet that’s what George Bush was thinking about Dick Cheney. But never mind that now. Right now, go over to the AMC to read the rest of the column, and help her make a good first week impression on her AMC employers. Leave a comment, too. Go!

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  1. And John forgot to switch off the comments on this one! Let’s take advantage of that. Partay!

  2. Is it unseemly to say that Ms. Robinette Kowal is a total babe, dressed as Scully or not?

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