A Final Note to California Voters

I’ve written many times about Proposition 8 here on Whatever, so I don’t need to go into detail again why I think the moral choice is to vote “no” on it. At this point, all I really want to say to California voters is that this is one of those times and one of those votes where you are asked to make a moral choice, a choice that not only affects how you live your life, but how others — in your state, in your hometown, perhaps in your circle of friends, family and acquaintances — are allowed to live theirs. You are being put into a position to pass judgment on an entire group of your fellow citizens, and on whether they deserve the rights every other Californian enjoys without so much as a second thought.

I hope you will do the right thing, the just thing, and the moral thing when you vote, and that is to cast your vote against discrimination, against bigotry and against prejudice. You don’t have to approve of same-sex marriage to recognize that voting to take away a right already won is unjust and unfair. This vote matters, possibly more than other votes you have made so far. In times to come you’ll want to be able to say to your children that when you were asked to judge whether your fellow men and women deserved the same rights as others — rights they already had but which were in your power to take away — that you stood with them rather than against them, and in standing with them affirmed there was no “them,” only us.

There was no greater day in my life than the day I was married, when I stood facing my bride, and she me,  and in front of our families both born into and made, promised to love and support each other every day going forward. All good things I have in my life today come from that day. I have a California marriage license, and I can genuinely say it brings me joy to know that the state in which my married life was born allows all those who love another person to see that relationship celebrated and protected by the law.

I can no longer vote in California, but you can. I hope you will vote for marriage and for what is fair, just and right for your fellow citizens, for their lives together, for their marriages that exist and their marriages to come. I hope with all my heart you will vote No on 8.

I have finished saying what I need to say. The rest is up to you.

Zoe’s Tale Reviews in Locus & Starlog

A really nice pair of reviews this month for ZT. First, from Locus, the science fiction trade magazine, written by Paul Witcover:

… a rousing success, one of the best young-adult science fiction novels of the last decade, utterly contemporary in tone yet hearkening back fondly in spirit to the ground-breaking YA science fiction tales of Heinlein. In fact, it may just be the best introduction to science fiction for young readers since Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game. But don’t get me wrong: this isn’t just a book for kids. Anyone who loves a suspenseful, sensitively told coming-of-age story with sparkling characterization and snappy dialogue will enjoy Zoe’s Tale.

And now, Michael Wolff, writing in the most recent Starlog:

Place Zoe’s Tale along-side Robert Heinlein’s Podkayne of Mars and Alexei Panshin’s Rite of Passage.  Scalzi presents a young central character cut from the classic mold who’s caught up in not only an SF adventure, but a coming-of-age tale that will make readers of Zoe’s age nod with excited familiarity and older ones smile in remembrance.

You’ll not be surprised that both of those reviews make me very happy, but possibly not as happy as my publicist, who I imagine is at this very running about her office going “Spleee!”

Which is, of course, how she should be. Publicists should always be happy.

This Was Quickly Reverted

Like, in seconds. But it was there nevertheless:

I disagree with this assessment, incidentally.

My Guess on Tomorrow Night

At the end of the evening tomorrow, this is what I expect the electoral map will look like:

Note that I think this is a fairly conservative map, which is to say that when in doubt I’ve given McCain swing states. That said, I think it’s entirely possible that Obama will pick up Florida and/or North Carolina. I also think it’s possible that Ohio will go to McCain. I don’t think it’s likely Obama will pick up Indiana and/or Arizona, and I find it equally unlikely McCain will take Pennsylvania. I think the upper range of Obama’s electoral count is 353 (that’s him taking North Carolina and Florida along with everything else here), and the lower range is 291 (if he loses Ohio). Any of these gets him a win.


(Incidentally, I made this map using Real Clear Politics’ electoral map maker.)

What I’m Most Looking Forward to After the Election

Aside from not automatically having an inward cringe when I think of the occupant of the White House, that is — is the fact that I will finally get my brain back. It’s been extremely difficult for me to focus on anything but the election since about midway through September, which has not been a good thing; I admit I’ve been one of those people who has been refreshing FiveThirtyEight.com like a rat at a feeder bar and otherwise cruising political sites.

I tried not to — I even took every political site out of my RSS feed, and then when I realized everyone else on my RSS feed was still talking about the election, stopped reading my RSS feed entirely — but in the end I was weak. This election season was one of those times when it actually would have been helpful to have a full-time job with a boss and everything, so someone could have threatened me with, like, death for not focusing on work. As it was, when I saw my Tor editor Patrick Nielsen Hayden the other week, we had a conversation that went something like this:

Me: I have to admit to you I’m getting nothing done because I’m obsessed with this election.

PNH: I’m sorry, I was reading Daily Kos off my Blackberry. What were you saying?

So, you know. He’s no help. I mean, I’m still doing work — gotta eat and everything — but let’s just say anything that requires huge amounts of actual brainpower is waiting until after Tuesday. Oh, and probably Wednesday. Possibly Thursday. And if McCain wins, I may take to my bed through the rest of the week. But after THAT! Back to work. Thank God.

How’s your level of election distraction been this time around? And is it more or less than in 2004? Because I gotta tell you, I have it so much more worse this year.

Whateveresque Registration, 11/3/08

Today’s the day to register for Whateveresque, the Whatever reader forum for the month of November: Registration is open until 10pm. Remember that you’ll be approved faster if I don’t think you’re a spambot; here’s how to avoid looking like one of those. And be sure to introduce yourself to others in the “All About You” topic thread.

A Pre-Election Sanity Break

Courtesy of Vienna Teng.

Don’t lose your brains, people.