Whateveresque Registration, 11/3/08

Today’s the day to register for Whateveresque, the Whatever reader forum for the month of November: Registration is open until 10pm. Remember that you’ll be approved faster if I don’t think you’re a spambot; here’s how to avoid looking like one of those. And be sure to introduce yourself to others in the “All About You” topic thread.

4 Comments on “Whateveresque Registration, 11/3/08”

  1. I registered in the past (using the email address listed on this comment) on a registration day but didn’t get approved for some reason, and now I have difficulty because of the email address already being in use.

    Is this something you can fix? Thanks!

  2. Ok, now I’m exceptionally bummed out. Work today was the living embodiment of a sentient nightmare grown in the shape of a brain sucking zombie monkey. The kind that settles on *ouch* your back early in the morning, before the sun comes up. And also incidentally the type that you can’t *ouch* shake until well after registration for Whateveresque is good and over. In fact, it’s still there that damned monkey. Reaching over my *ouch* shoulder to smack at my *ouch* fingers as I type this communiqué regarding *ouch* my sincere *ouch* sense of *ouch* bereavement at missing this opportunity *ouch* to register.
    Damn monkey…

  3. Goddamnit. I’ve been struggling to register for the forums for four months now. I’m always elsewhere on the day (this time, in Tasmania, the land that internet forgot) or drunkenly celebrating something, which makes for forgetfulness.

    December will be my month! Maybe.

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