Notes From an Election Night

This is an entry for folks who want to have a conversation about the results as they come in. I may make notes in the main entry as thing occur over the evening, so you might check back every now and then to see what’s going on in my head. I’ll be adding to the bottom, not the top, so scroll down.

I’ll start off here at 6:55 pm Eastern by noting two things: First, a friend of mine who was a poll watcher in New Hampshire went out of his way to call me coming back from his duties to note that he pollwatched in a “red” town and that from what he could see it was an Obama blowout. It’s an anecdotal note from a partisan, so take it for what it’s worth on that end, but on the other end he wouldn’t have gone out of his way to call me if he didn’t think something big was happening.

Second, I’ve got a Schadenfreude Pie in the oven. I’ll eat a slice when the election is called. If it’s for Obama, I’ll enjoy every bite. If it’s McCain, of course, I will choke on it. These are the risks we take by baking a Schadenfreude Pie before the results are in. But it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

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Not That it Means Anything

But on the other hand if I waited until later to mention it, it might sound like a writerly touch. So:

Last night I dreamt about a flood that went all the way up to the second floor windows, which, considering we live on a little hill, is some flood. Big, loud flood which didn’t damage the house or anything else, but had changed the landscape once I opened the door and went outside.

And because there’s some part of me that always knows I’m dreaming, in my dream, I went, oh, come on. Because, really. The last time I had a dream with such obvious symbolism in it was just before my daughter was born.

It doesn’t mean anything. It just shows where my brain is at right now. Just thought I’d toss that out there before the returns start coming in.

Feeling Like a Rock Star, 21st Century Style

Look what’s being promoted on iTunes:

It’s all Cover Flow-y and everything. You need to click into the “Audiobook” area to see it, but even so: Damn, that’s cool. I’ve said before that the Metatropolis crew were like a supergroup of science fiction awesomeness. iTunes just confirms it. Now if we only had groupies. Someone work on that for us.

Chad Orzel Dances Like a Monkey for Your Delight

As a bit of Election Day stress relief, Chad Orzel, who as you may recall offered to dance like a monkey if enough people donated to his charity drive, has finally released the video in which he does, indeed, dance like a monkey — and not just once, but with three different and wholly valid interpretations of what it means to “dance like a monkey.” As a major cheerleader in making this happen, I order you to go now and watch Chad perform his Internet-mandated humiliation contribution to your amusement this day.

To entice you to click through, Chad’s offered up the first minute and a half of his video to me, in which he explains his predicament and his scientific efforts to find out what “dancing like a monkey” means:

However, if you want to see the actual dance(s), you need to click through to his site. Oh, go on. If you’re like me, it’s not like you’re going to get anything else done today, anyway.

Your “I Voted!” Thread

You don’t want to disappoint Vote Dog. She could totally eat you.

If you’re an American citizen, GO VOTE, and then come back here to tell everyone that you’ve voted, so we can applaud your efforts.

Note: I’ll be keeping this entry top of the queue for most of the day. There are likely to be additional posts as well; just scroll down.

So: Have you voted?