Chad Orzel Dances Like a Monkey for Your Delight

As a bit of Election Day stress relief, Chad Orzel, who as you may recall offered to dance like a monkey if enough people donated to his charity drive, has finally released the video in which he does, indeed, dance like a monkey — and not just once, but with three different and wholly valid interpretations of what it means to “dance like a monkey.” As a major cheerleader in making this happen, I order you to go now and watch Chad perform his Internet-mandated humiliation contribution to your amusement this day.

To entice you to click through, Chad’s offered up the first minute and a half of his video to me, in which he explains his predicament and his scientific efforts to find out what “dancing like a monkey” means:

However, if you want to see the actual dance(s), you need to click through to his site. Oh, go on. If you’re like me, it’s not like you’re going to get anything else done today, anyway.

15 Comments on “Chad Orzel Dances Like a Monkey for Your Delight”

  1. Indeed, always nice to see the Librarian getting a nod.

    Also, nice to see very intelligent people doing very silly things in the name of doing good.

  2. Wow! Today can’t get any better – Obama for President and Chad Orzel dancing like a monkey. I attended a lecture by Dr. Neil Tyson last week where he spoke about America’s science illiteracy. Unfortunately I didn’t get to ask him about his thoughts on getting more physicists to dance like monkeys could help America’s science education programs.

  3. Was totally worth the $200 I donated. I think DonorsChoose is a great organization and have been donating there for a few years. This just made that leetle bit better…

  4. I’m a little sad about the lack of feces-throwing (for the squeamish, some nice fake feces would have done fine), but I understand the decision to leave it out.

  5. That was awesome. Thank you, Chad, for “offering to do things for money on the Internet.” I don’t know about being more careful – but a general level of discrimination is probably a good thing.

  6. Hmm…I clicked through but it said the video was no longer available…. This makes me very sad and I don’t even know Chad!

  7. “If you’re like me, it’s not like you’re going to get anything else done today, anyway.”

    How wonderful to have the luxury of wasting an entire day. Obviously, your books are selling extremely well – to people like me who can only afford to read when there is nothing else one can do, e.g., commuting on public trans or just prior to unconsciousness.

  8. I liked the ball-cupping move. Although I don’t think he ever touched his balls, it sure looked like he wanted too. Just like those damn dirty apes.

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