Feeling Like a Rock Star, 21st Century Style

Look what’s being promoted on iTunes:

It’s all Cover Flow-y and everything. You need to click into the “Audiobook” area to see it, but even so: Damn, that’s cool. I’ve said before that the Metatropolis crew were like a supergroup of science fiction awesomeness. iTunes just confirms it. Now if we only had groupies. Someone work on that for us.

12 Comments on “Feeling Like a Rock Star, 21st Century Style”

  1. The whole 10 years of Whatever, your books being translated into 15 (?) languages doesn’t count as proof of groupies? Sure most of us are unwilling to ‘climb on the tour bus’ with you, but hey, you cant have everything, where would you put it?

  2. On Boston’s “T” (the subway system) I see ads for Audible.com with Metatropolis shown as one of the audiobooks they’re advertising. :)