Now, Go to Bed

It’s been a long day. The rest of everything begins soon. You’ll need your rest.

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19 Comments on “Now, Go to Bed”

  1. But, the talking heads are just starting to get silly! (After half the night chained to a desk, I would too.)

    I watched history tonight. I won’t be going to sleep anytime soon.

  2. There will be time for bed; for now, the time for celebration is too immediate. However, for all those getting sleep, the world will be happily brighter tomorrow morning.

  3. if I go to bed now I’ll be living the next couple of days in the wrong timezone. So I’m opting for sleepwalking through today…

  4. Unfortunately, I have to finish the homework I put off while biting my nails over the election results.

    …What, Prop. 8 might pass? Great, now I’m going to have nightmares.

  5. Of course it has occurred to many people that Obama and the Democrats winning the election(s) was exactly what the GOP wanted. After all they have spent the last four years (or eight, depending on your point of view) screwing the country up to an unprecedented degree. The economy’s down the toilet. There are unwinnable wars being fought on multiple fronts at an appalling cost of lives. Deregulation has created a moral vacuum at the heart of the nation’s instructions and businesses and the US has been taken to the verge of becoming an international pariah. Can you imagine for a moment that the Republicans would want to take on the job of cleaning that up? Hell no: far easier to pass the whole damn mess onto the Democrats and then, in the expectation that after four years the problems will have only just started to get fixed, be able to point fingers at the “incompetence” of the new leadership and ride the frustrations of the “average American” back into power where the whole sorry cycle will start up again. What we need to do now is to step back from the politics of the moment and concentrate on rebuilding not just the economy but the entire process of being good global citizens with the self-respect that only that can create. Don’t be expecting any miracle cures: there is a lot of dead wood to clean out and you can bet the farm that those who can will drag their feet to the last inch. Give it time and expect no help from the opposition, despite the best efforts of John McCain to recover his honour in a concession speech. The next four years are going to be hard, dirty and full of nastiness and you will only realise as much from them as you are willing it put in.

  6. Congratulations on making a sane, rational decision, America!! There IS hope for the world!

  7. Ugh, U2? Oh well, at least musical preferences and voting decisions are generally unrelated.

    As for my limited political-season soundtrack, I was very proud to blast Ministry’s “Thieves” from my car sound system when the crowd for a McCain / Palin Rally was blocking the entrance to my workplace a few months back.

  8. Of course it has occurred to many people that Obama and the Democrats winning the election(s) was exactly what the GOP wanted.

    No, it wasn’t. The purpose of political parties is to win elections. They don’t do strategic losses; they don’t do tactical disasters. They exist to win elections and not winning is a failure.

  9. It was 0700+ local time when I collapsed into the sack.

    Reallllly shouldn’t have done that – my poor liver…. still, first I had to see the results, then I had to talk to people about it.

    Now I need a blood change. Damn, following things happenning five-to-eight hours ahead is work…

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