Well, Yeah

Just sent to me, the result of the most important election last night:

Man, it wasn’t even close. But how could it be? You can’t defeat bacon. You can’t even hope to try.

(Thanks, Mitchell, for sending that along)

30 Comments on “Well, Yeah”

  1. You should have seen that coming, John. The Fries Cat wouldn’t have been nearly as successful as your invention, the Bacon Cat.

  2. In the middle of such important stuff, there is still ridiculousness. I love it. Be happy it’s just the names we’re laughing at.

  3. Betcha *that* riding used Diebold electronic voting machines. No way does my beloved starch fall that far behind bacon. That being said, bacon in poutine sounds like an awesome idea.

  4. OK – Obama beat McCain, Republicans lost seats in the House and Senate, and Al frickin’ Frankin may even still win. All in all, that was a very bad night for my side.

    However, there is _no_ way you are taking bacon to the Democratic Party. Them’s fightin’ words.

  5. The former Premier of Tasmania was named Jim Bacon. His wife was Honey Bacon. He died of lung cancer after a lifetime of being smoky Bacon.

  6. Actually, it was mostly timing. America, tired of burgers and fries, was ready for change, and the voters of Colorado were not afraid to embrace America’s favorite food that cooks in its own fat.

  7. Zed @ 9

    Back in the ’80s I remember a chain that cooked it’s turkey sandwitches in the same deep fat fryer that they cooked the fries in. Turkey flavored fries.

  8. Bacon is unbeatable, espeically since Fries first name is probably French. Nothing French will ever beat an all-American food, not even in newly-purple Colorado.

  9. dammit! now i desperately want bacon cheese fries with a side of ranch. curse you, john scalzi!

  10. Bacon only won because Spam wasn’t in the race.

    Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, baked beans and Spam…

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