Today’s Header

Is a Wordle derived from yesterday’s front page for this site. This guy did it. I thought it would make a nice picture. Maybe I’ll start using Wordles from now on when I’m stuck for pictures for the header. If nothing else, it would keep me from having to think too hard about it.

12 Comments on “Today’s Header”

  1. Yikes, I knew you talked about Obama a lot, but I didn’t expect His Name to be that dominant in a Wordle.

    (Also, I wonder how many Wordles self-reference. Probably a good few. Wordle is a fun word. Wordle Wordle Wordle.)

  2. That looks pretty good up there!

    >does a little dance<

    Whatever turned out to be a particularly rich Wordle starting point (naturally).

  3. I’ve been making Wordle graphics of my published short stories on my website — acts as a tease (hey, I used the whole text of the story to generate this) and can be a good editing tool (what a tool I am to use “that” so many times).

    What impresses me is that by changing shape, font, color, you can completely change the temperature of the Wordle.

    Dr. Phil

  4. You know, Dr Paisley, there might be something to that. I just ran the “Canonical Bacon Page” through Wordle a couple few times and didn’t see the B-word show up once.

  5. Someone is also a 10,000 Maniacs fan, it seems. Either that, or there’s an old lady in John’s neighborhood named May who keeps running people over in her car while she’s driving to the supermarket.

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