Let the National Healing Begin

Because it’s appropriate to earlier conversations here, and serves a higher national purpose, a video for you:

I think that whoever we are — Democrat, Republican or independent, black or white, gay or straight, rich or poor, religious or atheist, white collar or blue collar — we can all come together and put aside our differences to agree on one simple thing: That this video totally fucking sucks.

And thus: We are one people again.

And Now A Post Entirely Unrelated to the Election or Proposition 8! Yippee!

Why is it that vast concrete plazas look so cool in architectural drawings and paintings, yet so damn depressing in real life?


(Question inspired by architectural drawings here)

Fighting Bigotry With Snark

This is amusing: The L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center is encouraging people to donate to invalidate Proposition 8 in the following way:

Make a donation, in the name of the president of the Mormon Church, to support the legal organizations working to invalidate Proposition 8 and to fund grass-roots activities in support of full marriage equality. For every donation of $5 or more, the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center will send the following postcard to President Thomas Monson’s office in Salt Lake City, acknowledging your donation in his name:

Dear President Monson:

A donation has been made in your name by _________________ to “invalidateprop8.org” to overturn California’s Proposition 8 and restore fundamental civil rights to all citizens of California. The money will be donated to legal organizations fighting the case and to support grass-roots activities in support of full marriage equality. Although we decry the reprehensible role the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints leadership played in denying all Californians equal rights under the law, we are pleased a donation has been made on your behalf in the effort to overturn the discrimination your church members helped enshrine in the California Constitution. Given that throughout its history the Mormon Church has been subjected to bigotry, we hope you appreciate the donation in your name to fight religious bigotry here in California.

All other issues aside, I’m not entirely sure the LDS Church thought through the end-game issue of pissing off gays and lesbians, a group of people who thanks to the AIDS crisis and other recent rights discrimination battles has a couple decades worth of creative and committed leaders who know how to mobilize, know how to perform dramatic civil disobedience, and, yes, know the value of snark in raising cultural awareness. I suspect they’ll be finding out now.