Hey, You Know What?

I think I’ll take the weekend off. You kids have fun. See you Monday.

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  1. Unfortunately, at this time, we can’t approve your request for time off.

    Get back here right now or this becomes an earworm Scalzi contest thread!!!!!

  2. Have fun, John. In my little corner of the world (New Zealand), we’ve spent the weekend having an election.

    The guys I liked lost! I got drunk! Democracy in action.

  3. I know where John left the keys to the liquor cabinet! Party at the Whatever House tonight at 7:00!

    Woo Hoo…!

  4. But John, how can you disappear without comment on this:

    Don’t Stop Believin’, the Journey power ballad, has become the first catalog track ever to sell more than 2 million downloads according toSoundScan. First made available through the iTunes on April 28, 2003, Don’t Stop Believin’ has become the top-selling catalog track in iTunes history and the sole catalog track to go double platinum.

  5. OK Christian, how do you find out were the keys are hidden? On second thought, I don’t want to know.

    I’ll being mixers and bags of snack! Make sure Kodi is fed before we come over. I don’t want to be mistaken for Akita chow

    see you soon,

    Jeff S.

  6. That should be “how did you find” and “I’ll bring mixers and bags of snacks”

    I guess I need the preview button to come back
    (8p at myself)

  7. Yes. Me, too. After the year I’ve had (thus far), I want the weekend off, and the rest of the year off.


    My dream job starts Monday, so maybe I’ll defer that “rest of the year off” thing for a while. ;-)

    btw, I got my brother hooked on your books–he now thinks I’m the greatest person ever and has forgiven me for making his teenage years so miserable. You’re a miracle worker! :-) (Because I really made him miserable.)

  8. Nah, he’ s not playing Fallout. He’s playing Gears of War 2.

    Tycho at Penny Aracade is right, though. The game has one or two story issues.

  9. Eddie Clark @ 6: Oh god, don’t remind me. I’m hoping if I can expurgate the memory from my mind I’ll wake up in a parallel timeline where we’re not ruled by the harnessed powers of malice, incompetence, and fundamentalism.

  10. Fletcher:

    Don’t forget zombie Roger Douglas. As well as malice, incompetence, and fundamentalism (that’s a bit mean to the Nats, possibly), we are also going to be ruled by zombie Roger Douglas.

  11. Return of the Revenge of the Night of the Undead Rogernomics, right. “Fundamentalism” was a reference to United Future.

    One tiny speck of silver lining is that Destiny NZ no longer exists, and NZ First is thoroughly out of power. So we have moderate fundamentalists rather than crazy extremo fundamentalists, and Winston is no longer sliming his way about Parliament.

  12. I can’t stay long in this party [he said, gulping down a Blue Champagne and wolfing some river eel sushi]. This weekend I have to finish grading late homeworks, and fold those data in with the midterm exams that I’ve already graded for 9th grade Chem, 10th grade Bio, and 11th grade Anatomy & Physiology, to “grade on the curve” and come up with report card letter grades to snailmail to the students’ homes. The good news is, none of my students now believe (as they had believed on earlier homework) that pizza is a compound. The bad news was the hazmat chemical spills this past week in both my lab/classroom and my wife’s university lab/classroom.

    Then I have to do my last round of homework assignments for my 4 Charter College of Education courses, towards my Spring 2009 full-time California teaching credential in Math (thanks to Lame Duck George W. Bush for requiring a professional Mathematician and an ex-Math Professor to pay circa $10,000 out of pocket to be certified to teach Math). My final exams are in the first week of December.

    My son’s final exams are in the first 2 weeks of December, at Gould School of Law (USC, you know, the team that won 17-3 yesterday). He’s a strong defender of the civil rights of clones, by the way. He registered Republican to vote for Ron Paul in the primary, but ended as a strong Obama supporter.

    In a sense, the textbook that I’ve been using most in the classes that I teach is H. G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds” — for the unit on chemistry, physics, and geology of Mars, where modern scientific data is compared to Science Fiction and Sci Fi. In the Anatomy & Physiology course, I keep referring to Mary W. Shelley’s “Frankenstein.”

    Now, how to turn the oevre of Scalzi into lesson plans? Any hints appreciated. And does your publisher offer discounts for school use? Seriously…

  13. Dammit Scalzi! How am I supposed to procrastinate effectively then? Bah. This is all your fault. Now I HAVE to be productive. bleh.

  14. OK, It’s not the weekend anymore. (although I hope you enjoyed you time off…

    Can we have our Scalzi fix, now, please?

  15. Congratulations! Almost forty-four hours without posting anything.

    (glad you’re back, though)

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