Daily Archives: November 11, 2008

Easier to Find Big Ideas

After months of intense laziness, I’ve finally placed all the “Big Idea” posts on Whatever into their own category, and created a link for you to use to find them all. It’s over there in the sidebar, but if you can’t bear to drag your eyeballs in that direction, here’s a link to the category […]

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The Big Idea: Jordan Summers

Fairy tales and post-apocalyptic futures: Are they two great tastes that go great together? This is the question Jordan Summers tries to answer in Red, in which elements of some of the most primeval of fantasy tales get a whole new science fiction-y spin, with action and romance thrown in to spice it all up. […]

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Another County Heard From

In 2004, Darke County, in which I live, went 70% for George Bush. While I was under no illusion that Obama was going to win in my county, I was curious as to whether 2008 vote totals would be substantially different — that is to say, whether another four years of misadventure on the presidential […]

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