Easier to Find Big Ideas

After months of intense laziness, I’ve finally placed all the “Big Idea” posts on Whatever into their own category, and created a link for you to use to find them all. It’s over there in the sidebar, but if you can’t bear to drag your eyeballs in that direction, here’s a link to the category archive. Enjoy.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

14 replies on “Easier to Find Big Ideas”


Another in the list of reasons I like coming here.
In the words of Henry Jones Sr. “I wrote it down so I wouldn’t have to remember”
Now you wrote it down so I don’t have to remember which books I wanted to look into. Which helps keep my encroaching senile decay in check 8^)

I keep thinking “Gotta send John my book to see if he’d be interested in my ‘big idea’.” But then I keep not digging enough to find the submission guidelines for the Big Idea feature, which I could have sworn I read in some easy-to-find place on Whatever but now can’t find anywhere. Help, please?

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