Daily Archives: November 12, 2008

Having Abandoned Any Thought of Writing Anything of Substance Here Today, I Send You Off With a Woefully Underappreciated Australian Band

Falling Joys, “Lock It”: Yes, of course, I have all their albums. Heck, I even have Susie Higgie’s 1998 album How Soon Will Be Tomorrow. As if I wouldn’t have that. And before you ask, I’m listening to Songs of Habit even as I type this. What do you take me for, a dilettante? Sheesh.

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I Am Yet Still Full of Languid Ennui, And Who Better to Express Languid Ennui Than Bryan Ferry?

Given the choice between Anna Nicole Smith and a game of solitaire, he chooses solitaire. Now that’s ennui, my friends.

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My Lack of Interestingness Continues Unabated, So Here’s an Exceptionally Lossy Video of an Obscure 80s Band

Oh, don’t tell me that everyone knows Kid Creole & the Coconuts. You know in your heart that’s just not true.

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I Have Nothing Interesting to Say at the Moment, So Let’s Listen to the Dulcet Tones of The Killers Instead

Here you go. [imeem music=”ZnXqyyl_u9″] Those kids, I think they’ll be big.

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