Daily Archives: November 13, 2008

Inasmuch as People Seem Determined to Send This To Me Every Five Minutes Until I Post Something About It

Yes, I’ve seen this story about the fictional McCain adviser claiming credit for the “Sarah Palin didn’t know Africa is a continent” thing. It’s not clear from the story whether the dude actually planted the story, or just claimed credit for it once it was out there, but either way a) various newsfolk need to […]

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What’s Really Going On With Joe Lieberman

One of the big hobby horses with left-leaning political blogs at the moment is that despite the collective lefty howling mass calling for the obliteration of Joe Lieberman for being a traitor to the left, it looks like he might hang on and stay with the Democratic caucus, in no small part due to the […]

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Now, in Theaters

Over at AMC today I ask the question: Do science fiction movies still need to be seen in the theater? With a question like that you may expect that you know my answer to that, but hopefully I’ll give you a rationale for it which you have not heard before. As ever, comments are closed […]

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