On the Getting of Signed, Personalized Books From Me For the Holidays

I’ve been getting a steadily increasing stream of e-mails from folks wondering how they might go about getting signed and/or personalized books from me for themselves or to give as gifts this upcoming holiday season. I briefly thought about having all y’all buy the books locally and then mail them to me directly with return envelopes and postage, but then I remembered how extraordinarily disorganized I am about mailing things, and realized that if you send them to me personally, you might get them back in time for Christmas, 2010. Which might annoy you.

So here’s an alternate and much better plan:

1. You call my local independent bookseller, Jay and Mary’s Book Center, located in scenic Troy, Ohio.

2. You tell them which of my books you would like to order from them, and how you would like those books personalized. You pay them the cost of the book plus shipping to where you are (or where you would like the books to go). Order as many as you would like, fiction and non-fiction both.

3. I come in within a few days to sign and personalize your books.

4. The books get packaged and shipped by people who aren’t as lazy and disorganized as I am, thus ensuring they arrive where you want them to go, in a timely fashion.

5. There is much rejoicing.

And thus I get to do two nice things at one time: Make my readers happy, and help out a local independent bookseller who has been very good to me as a local author. Everybody wins.

Two things to note: I’ll be doing this only through the holidays, so now is the time to get this service if you want it, and also unless you happen to be attending the Loscon science fiction convention in a couple of weeks (and I certainly hope you will!), this is likely to be the only way to get signed, personalized books from me for a while, since aside from Loscon I have no scheduled appearances through next March (rumor is that I might spend that time writing more books. But it’s just a rumor).

In any event, this is how to get some signed, personalized Scalzi books for the holidays.

Hey, You Know What? Have A Pimp Thread

It’s been a bit since we’ve done a pimp thread here, in which folks do call outs to the things they or others are doing that they think the rest of you will want to know about. So let’s correct that: Please share with the class something you think is cool. Is it something you are doing? Excellent. Something someone else is doing? Excellent too. Hey, the weekend is coming up, we all need to be entertained.

One reminder: If you load in a three or more links in your comment, it’s going to get sent to the moderation thread, so either keep the links down to one or two per comment, or try not to panic when your comment doesn’t immediately show up. I’ll liberate it sooner or later.

Now: What have you got for us?