Taking Lessons From the Cat

And here we see Lopsided Cat deciding that cold and slushy November Saturdays are for doing a whole lot of nothing. I think he’s probably right about this. Let me research this and get back to you.

20 Comments on “Taking Lessons From the Cat”

  1. Oh, that office looks messy! Where is Ninja Krissy (complete with the bag on her head) when you need her?

  2. My cats inform me that this is the best course of action for sunny, rainy, cloudy and/or snowy days as well.

  3. It’s a sunny, crisp day in Salt Lake City.

    Alas, I am stuck inside, doing Army paperwork.


  4. Feh. My cat decided at oh-dark-thirty this morning that wetness is best shared with the sleeping human. It was one of those situations that no amount of purring was going to make okay. Can I ship him off to the Scalzi compound for re-education?

  5. My cat also informs me that a November santa ana Saturday is also good for doing a whole lot of nothing.
    LOL at Sub-Odeon Chairborne! Too funny.

  6. Hey, Scalzi,

    Good pic of Lopsided Cat

    We give it a thumbs up and a friendly punch to the shoulder.

    Later, man.

    The Lopsided Cat Fan Club abides

  7. Woke up this morning, and now I’m tired. The Lopsided (in)Action Plan seems like a good stratagem to follow.

    Also, fluffy cats are adorable. Except for daily combing and hairballs, that’s less adorable. But still. Snoogum woogums fluffy kitty!

  8. 89 degrees and sunny here in San Diego — we have the AC on.

    I’m not saying that to provoke jealousy — actually, the opposite. I was thinking this morning that I’d love a cold, rainy Saturday to sit inside and do nothing but watch the entire season of “True Blood” on TiVo.

  9. I want to be a cat. Sleep, eat, play, kill stuff, sleep more, lick self. The only thing I would miss would be computers, as they still require opposable thumbs I think.

  10. Cat’s a wuss. Works too hard. The cat should rest more.

    who did not get out of bed until 4 PM today :)
    Granted the stupid Gout gave me reason not to want to get around but still. Time w/ the wife, reading a book, and watching worthless TV shows for the day. Today was a success.

  11. I took the train to New York to see this play on Saturday:

    It was probably in the 60s when I got in at about 5 pm and wandered around Times Square until the play started. Then I got to visit with the playwright (he’s an old friend). I took the train back to Pittsburgh today and what a huge difference in the weather!

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