Daily Archives: November 16, 2008

Doing an Ad Test

I’ve put a test ad in the sidebar as an experiment to see how such a thing would look here at the Whatever, and to get feedback from you folks about it. The ad is not “real” (i.e., paid for, or, for that matter, professionally designed, since I whomped it up myself), but as it […]

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Oh, Hey, a “Hate Mail” Review!

It’s over at SFSite, and it’s positive. Nice to see it getting some love; the non-fiction stuff doesn’t get reviewed as often as the fiction stuff does. I suppose that’s only natural. Subterranean Press tells me there’s still some copies of Hate Mail left (remember, it’s a signed, limited edition — we made about 1,000 […]

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Quantum of Solace: The Mini-Review

I liked it a lot, as I liked the previous installment with Daniel Craig, because, as I told Krissy as we drove home from the theater, “they’re not stupid.” Fundamentally Bond films tend to be stupid: A ridiculous fake super agent fights equally ridiculous villians with impossibly impractical world domination fantasies; everyone has idiotic tech […]

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